Gears of War (1-J) for PC

Alright, I know I’m basically yelling at an echo chamber at this point, but with the recent(ish) release of Halo 3 on PC, I’ve been somewhat nostalgic lately. After playing the game for some time, I was wondering if TC has made the original Epic games available for PC. Obviously, they haven’t. So, I started thinking what it could look like if they were to release the games for PC.

Essentially I could see it in two different ways:

-TC releases each game separately onto the PC via the Microsoft store (maybe Steam). Each game would then be sold for around $10-$15, but would include any season pass, weapon skins, exclusive character skins, maps, the whole kit and caboodle. Each game would also have access to dedicated servers for any multiplayer experience.

-TC releases all four games as a packaged deal, similar to MCC. The game is priced for around $45-$50, and includes all of the above from part one. The only difference being that they are within a single package. With this, I am unsure how this could affect servers. I’m not sure if you are able to combine servers if it’s on a single game, or if there would be separate servers for each game.

However, regarding both options, I do not see TC making a Gears 2 remaster. That’s not what this is either. What this would include would be:
-Gears of War (OG)
-Gears of War 2
-Gears of War 3
-Gears of War Judgment (I know people don’t like it, but it still has a fan following)

Essentially this would be something along the lines of a Gears of War: Epic Edition (obvious throwback to Epic Games).

Why would TC do this? Money! Yeah, it’s not the greatest reason to release a game, however, I can see plenty of Gears fans who would gobble up a chance to play the OG games on the PC (potentially at 60fps), myself included. This would also bring a lot of hype back into the community, especially with 6 still planned for the future. After seeing how much the Halo community rallied around Halo 3 for the PC, this would be an amazing offer and experience for the Gears community.

As a little side note, I am aware of the Xenia emulator. To be completely honest, I’m not a huge fan of third party emulators, especially when they require my Xbox info to load my games. Plus with all the downloading necessary to play an emulated game on my PC, I’d rather just have the real thing available with dedicated servers.

Again, I know this topic has been thrown around countless times, and most people agree that they’d like the OG Gears games on PC. I’m also not asking for a Gears 2 Ultimate Edition by any means, but rather an import of the games to PC, where I don’t have to rely on downloaded emulators possibly infecting my PC with something.

I’d love to hear from you guys/gals on the topic. What would you like to see?


Interesting idea but zero chance of ever happening. Did you play Gears UE on Win 10? that game lasted about 3 months before it died completely, sure there was no crossplay but clearly the PC Gears Fan base is not big enough to financially justify porting the games.

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I haven’t played it yet on PC. How’s the import quality? I’ve heard mixed results, but I’m honestly more concerned about campaign, as I usually do MP on 4.


That’s it. I’m afraid there’s no point in elaborating either.

Blunt, but straight to the point.

It’s release was simply terrible, heavy FPS drops with AMD and crashes on Nvidia with the cherry on top of Microsoft’s UWP causing issues with full screen and v-sync. It took a while but eventually everything was fixed, too bad no one was playing the game at that time.

Extra double mega cherry on top? A Win10 update allegedly (TC blames Microsoft and Microsoft doesn’t give a f**k) broke the game even further and TC promised to fix it… about a year ago. Haven’t played UE after G4 was released but I believe there is a heavy frame rate drop problem that occurs no matter the hardware you’re running.

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That’s a bummer to hear. I absolutely loved it on XB, but I have a PC now. Thanks for the heads up though! Definitely saved me some money there. I’ll just stick with my GOW 4 for now.

If you find it on sale, as in $5 then give it a go, but I’ve read a fair number of reports stating the campaign has a lot of issues ruining what was supposed to be the “Ultimate Experience”.

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I’ll definitely keep an eye out. I’ve got so many games from the Steam sale sitting in my library, so I’ve got time.