Gears of war 1 campaign: Hardcore

Anyone want to play?

Starting from the beginning of the game.
Will be playing in the 27th of July.


What time?
Also UE or original?


About 11.30pm gmt + 0

I believe that’s 6:30 pm in central time zone if that’s the case then I would be interested.

That’s awesome!

I’d like to do a full playthrough if you would have time to beat the entire game?

I’ve beaten it like 80 times on various gamer tags, so I’m pretty quick at running through it

That’s fine I like playng the campaign. Are going to be in a party?

Sure, if you want. I’m happy either way :slight_smile:

I am trying to do the PC version at some point if you were interested by any chance?

Bad timing :confused: I finished it with @GhostofDelta2 a week ago or so.

We’re going to do the multiplayer achievements though, if you’re interested?

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It’s no worries, I definitely am interested in the near future, whatever works!

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