Gears of No Maps

That also doesn’t go into how Campaign levels are specifically built for a PvE Campaign experience rather than having to work for both Horde and Versus… although honestly, they mainly feel designed for PvP rather than playing PvE on them. But I don’t think asking for Horde specific maps is a great idea given the fact that then there would likely be less maps for general play, which clearly isn’t something that’s received support from players.

I’d recommend also reading these comments made by Dana upon this video being mentioned on Twitter as well : down a bit to find his responses)

Not a bad idea, maybe they should just dump a bunch of players in the open world maps and put a bunch of skids everywhere too.

If only the ravens were fly able

It can be little misleading, cause there is identical movement in campaign and mp, you also use covers and shoot. Really there is no method for making a sp map that does not have mp feeling. It’s Gears what map and mode you’ll play, you will move in same manner, if you play more versus, you’ll will use more wallbounce on sp and it’ll give you mp feeling.

That would be interesting if the controls could be figured out for controllers… even if it was just a Campaign feature. But I would want full control over the Raven and not just flying alongside a fully scripted path with no influence on the direction, altitude or speed like the Reaver in Gears 2 which was mostly not trying to get killed by Hydra rockets and shooting other Reavers down.

Oh, and don’t make it dodgy like trying to drive the Centaur in 2. While I appreciated getting to drive a tank with a big gun, I was NOT a fan of the controls for the darn thing… except for the engine booster to slam right into Reavers.

Thank you @bmbr1990 a lot of people don’t realize that optimization makes a day and night difference.

As an example: My client launched an unoptimized website (not optimized from the backend). It took several minutes to load each page.

After optimizing the code, it took 2-3 seconds to load any page. 120 seconds to 2 seconds is 60x.

It must be a lot more complicated when it comes to loading fully rendered assets rather than just some text and images, but I imagine it’s a similar goal.

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I just wish they could add some of the maps that weren’t in gears 4 at all.For example,Day One. Tyro Station, Nowhere, Flood, Sandbar, Tranches, and many others from gears 2 and 3

What about the other maps I listed? I loved Tyro Station I just can never get enough of it because of that big ■■■ train the turns you into paste if you are in its path.Flood I thought was cool cause of the fact that the imulsion was everywhere and would burn you if you touched it.Nowhere was cool because of all the buildings and how it was small yet so good for PvP and PvE. And I guess for Sandbar and Trenches I can say the same thing as the we’re both very unique in their own way.But still I get what you mean, we need Day One first, hell we shoulda got Day One on day one of gears 5 but whatever,I feel like there is a possibility that Day One might be added in, I pray that it does.

If you look very carefully, you can see I wrote “Every map”. I know it was easy to miss.

Oh my bad, Im a horrible reader.i just immediately looked at Day One and started writing not bothering to read it again.

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Cool video Op,I’m trying to be positive,yes those maps you was talking about was amazing for pvp/ horde.just a few weeks away from operation 4.crossing fingers that it is positive,Please TC

Gears of War 3 was the time EPIC started to consider selling the franchise, so that’s why it has a lot of maps? I’m confused here. Perhaps because it’s late, but I genuinely don’t understand the point you’re trying to make here. :thinking:

That’s okay.

Gears of taking of maps :slight_smile: ( lift ? Oh no sorry they are working on it since 2 months, next releash next year :))

What is this damn logic of choices they token in order to have no frequent maps at the ends ? Like it’s ridiculous. They seriously thought it’s not very important to don’t have frequent maps to play on? It’s a basic on this game… Maps ! Furthermore, they toke of maps… Lift to tell it… since 2 months ans still don’t fix these damns stores… juste get it back with laggy stores we don’t care at this point…

The only person who doesn’t get triggered when somebody doesn’t understand what they are saying.

I’m not saying I agree or support there reasoning, just saying that they have made it very clear why the maps are coming so slowly to the game.

They said the team responsible for making maps was told to focus on tiles that could be used for escape and FFA maps. Their intention was to have a robust set of tiles that the community could make their own versus, horde, and escape maps themselves. But once the community got vocal about wanting standard versus maps, they changed direction. They also noted the timeline to make a brand new map from scratch is about 6 months, so it will be a while until we see these new maps unfortunately.

I just hope these URGENT changes and fix to be done won’t happen next year… 10months now since launch and game is in worse state as never…

In so ur always moving forward