Gears of No Maps

We talk about maps or lack of…


Wow, I think you’re the first person here to ever think that… you’re a rare one to even think to post about it too…


“Noice”-Michael Rosen

Not being a game developer myself, I can only speculate to the reasons why they don’t borrow certain portions of the campaign and turn them into MP maps. However, I am certain there is a good reason why. For the one you reference in your video, I would guess that its partially because it’s very large and would likely take longer than most MP maps to load with current console hardware. Additionally, the campaign levels are made with higher quality assets so it probably wouldn’t be that simple to just carry over.

One final thing, I see you in nearly every developer stream… the same developer streams where Dana talks at great lengths about why there are currently so few maps in Gears 5, what it will take to bring more maps in, and what we can expect for the future with additional maps… so I find this video strange and almost exploitative considering you are already well educated on the reasons why there are so few maps.


That would be a good idea for a map in your video OP. :call_me_hand:

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Awww dont get to emotional.

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I made a post suggesting this about a week after the game released. There’s a lot of great locations in the campaign that would make for some great versus maps. One of my favourite would be in the new facility Niles made that was frozen, you could even incorporate the frost as a mechanic. Example being having a power weapon covered by the frost or a certain route blocked by it and you’d have to turn it off from the control room.

There’s at least 20 or so great locations and areas from the campaign that would make amazing versus maps with some tweaking. Shame TC didn’t take full advantage of this, releasing the game with only 7 maps with no real plan to release a lot more new maps fairly quickly was such an oversight and screams incompetence.


I wonder if their plan for maps was tied into new player retention and store profits, and by missing that bar by a mile I can see 80-90% of the after launch support team being moved onto more profitable ventures.

Jus goes to show tho that map packs was the better way, they gota put effort in for extra money, with this new system they have lost all incentive to bother

I don’t think so, Operation 3 was probably already done when the game released and their plan was making a very low number of maps even before they knew how well Gears 5 was going to retain players. One of the reasons why i think even with Operation 4 we’re still only going to get like 2 maps and 1 will be a remake, despite the obvious outcry from players since release about how pathetic the map count was at launch. Only in Operation 5, 10 months after the games release will we see TC focus more on maps as they had probably finished Operation 4’s content months ago.

It just seems extremely bizarre to me how anybody at TC could think 7 maps at launch was enough, and then to only add a map or two each Operation every 3 months. Do they not understand the Versus maps are literally some of the most important bits of content in the game? Horde and Versus both play on these maps and they are going to be played over and over again, only a complete idiot or a fool would think 7 maps at launch was enough.

Gears of War 4 had it right, it offered you some of the most important content in the game, being maps and characters and every month they delivered on it for an entire year. The only down side was the remakes, but considering it had been so long since a lot of people had played the remade maps i think TC got get away with it, unlike with Gears 5. For example Canals, i love Canals to bits, but to have the exact same version from Gears of war 4 put into Gears 5 comes across very lazy to me, it’s been played to death and TC need to realise that.

The only way it could’ve worked was if the 7 launch maps were some of the best in the series, but arguably they are some of the worst (cough) Icebound. Or if they had like 4 brand new maps to offer every Operation but clearly they don’t as 8 months after the games release we have only 2… which is just laughable. Maps are extremely important to the health and replayability of the game and TC need to realise that.


Many maps from the campaign are good for multiplayer/horde

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There’s no justification about the actual state of this game. Gears of War 3 has a variety of maps even not counting the DLCs that came after the release, and the real incentive of playing that game is that was fun to play in different, beautiful and colorful scenarios and the game modes are more fun, no need to do boring grinding or farming skill cards or skins or doing silly objectives. Even the Gears 3 medals never were my main goal, just play with my friends multiplayer and playing 1 or 2 hours per day in my days of university with professional practices and final proyects, I didn’t feel pressured to get medals or achievements, I did It when I could.
The only thing TC learned from past games including Gears of War 4 is how to steal money from dumb people and the “Macro” transactions or Macro aggressions, skins and old characters with real money, this isn’t a fu!#@%cking free to play game or pay to win or all that sh!1$%@t, They don’t deserve respect and Gears of War deserve a competent company.

True but Gears 3 is where Epic started to consider selling the franchise because the development and production costs were getting too high.


It’s not the size of sp maps as they are smaller than mp maps, but it’s a specific kind of building method. Mp map is a single file that contains every reference to every asset from game. Sp maps, due to large scale overally, are made of 15-20 minilevels load in specific order by game at time it’s needed, and all visible assets are on couple maps, distant buildings and sky are on other portion of maps, ai path nodes and cover node on another. To make a chunk of sp map playable in mp, devs has to merge at least 4-7 sp levels and work it out which can take couple of weeks of development and unreal build & check process. At least that how me and my friend have experienced from gears 1 editor.


That also doesn’t go into how Campaign levels are specifically built for a PvE Campaign experience rather than having to work for both Horde and Versus… although honestly, they mainly feel designed for PvP rather than playing PvE on them. But I don’t think asking for Horde specific maps is a great idea given the fact that then there would likely be less maps for general play, which clearly isn’t something that’s received support from players.

I’d recommend also reading these comments made by Dana upon this video being mentioned on Twitter as well : down a bit to find his responses)

Not a bad idea, maybe they should just dump a bunch of players in the open world maps and put a bunch of skids everywhere too.

If only the ravens were fly able

It can be little misleading, cause there is identical movement in campaign and mp, you also use covers and shoot. Really there is no method for making a sp map that does not have mp feeling. It’s Gears what map and mode you’ll play, you will move in same manner, if you play more versus, you’ll will use more wallbounce on sp and it’ll give you mp feeling.

That would be interesting if the controls could be figured out for controllers… even if it was just a Campaign feature. But I would want full control over the Raven and not just flying alongside a fully scripted path with no influence on the direction, altitude or speed like the Reaver in Gears 2 which was mostly not trying to get killed by Hydra rockets and shooting other Reavers down.

Oh, and don’t make it dodgy like trying to drive the Centaur in 2. While I appreciated getting to drive a tank with a big gun, I was NOT a fan of the controls for the darn thing… except for the engine booster to slam right into Reavers.

Thank you @bmbr1990 a lot of people don’t realize that optimization makes a day and night difference.

As an example: My client launched an unoptimized website (not optimized from the backend). It took several minutes to load each page.

After optimizing the code, it took 2-3 seconds to load any page. 120 seconds to 2 seconds is 60x.

It must be a lot more complicated when it comes to loading fully rendered assets rather than just some text and images, but I imagine it’s a similar goal.

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I just wish they could add some of the maps that weren’t in gears 4 at all.For example,Day One. Tyro Station, Nowhere, Flood, Sandbar, Tranches, and many others from gears 2 and 3