Gears of lag 4 it's back and it's back with a vengeance against the players

For the past month this game has been super laggy. I keep seeing my oing spike up and down. I’ve been seeing a lot of blood shots that haven’t registered. It’s funny because I can eat a shot and gib someone eveone though their shot didn’t register. I want some answers now. I know this game has it’s issues but this has become apparent a lot lately. Please coalition please tell me you didn’t already give up on the servers.

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I’ve taken the past week off because my controller broke and I’m waiting on a replacement. Gotta say, I’m not missing it after what I’ve been reading on here. Complaint threads have been 3x the normally high volume we see on here.
What a brilliant way to get people excited for Gears 5, let Gears 4 turn into garbage.


It’s been pretty awful. Just getting into a match has been seemingly near impossible all week.

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This is fun in KOTH game mode.

Issues started yesterday and should be fixed soon.

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The issues started early on during the 5XP. It’s only gotten worse as time went on though.


I never noticed anything out of the ordinary until yesterday…


My friends and I were getting laggy menus, long in between rounds in Horde and an excessive amount of hit registration issues since at least Tuesday

Wow, didn’t experience that myself :-1:

Lag is a launch feature, not a bug. :grinning:

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I don’t really lag, I just find the game inconsistent when other high ping players and ping spikers are in the games.

On the North EU server I’m a steady 10-20ms.

You just described the definition of lag though. It doesn’t matter if you’re pinging at 15ms. If the game is running poorly it’s lagging but in our case it’s not our fault.

No because I’m not lagging, the game most likely is inputting lag comp and causing issues not related to connection but due to the game interfering.

But the game is interfering because of the lag created by high pings. Did you ever notice it runs better when everyone is near the same ping? That’s because no one is lagging it down and causing the over aggressive lag compensation to kick into high gear.

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Exactly, that’s what I said …

Yeah pretty much this, although I only really play KOTH and the Blitz event. Once in a game it’s usually fine if the pings aren’t triple digit warrior numbers. A lot of questionable point blank moments as well. Menu navigation has been full of loading times and “playlist” update msgs.

East Coast USA, NY area, I usually have the lowest ping in the match, similar 10-20ms on FIOS.

Doesn’t matter if you have the lowest if there are other high ping players.

Yeah don’t I know it.

If you know that then you know everything :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::v: