Gears of judgement servers are down

Gears of war judgment servers been down for a week now epic never made a announcement that the servers are going down is anyone else having the same problem?

What do you mean? No online play or the playlists defaulted to their default state, which awards the least amount of xp and all that stuff? If it’s a matter of the playlist reverting to its default state, gears 3 has been like that again for a lil bit now as well.

Tried playing Judgment today and had no luck. At first when searching for Overrun etc in the vs section it gave me network error messages. Tried a bit later on and it just gets stuck on searching for matches which is strange because previously, if there were no results it would quickly start you in a match with bots. That was one of the good things about Judgment, it would put the player in a match as quickly as possible

Oh no

It had servers? Doubtful, but if so…blasphemy!

Anyway. Good! Rest in pain.

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Every game has matchmaking servers. Those are separate from dedicated gameplay servers.

Essentially, if the game tries to contact the server to find other players, and that server doesn’t respond, you can’t play online anymore.


No online play


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We know who is against us

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I checked today as of april 23 2021 the servers are back up and running

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