Gears of Dungeons

If anyone here is low enough to be one of these D&D players… I know of this website called Hero Forge which allows for custom miniature creation that you can order from them.

Anyways I made each member of Delta into an NPC for a game I’ve been working on and I’d figured I would share them here because why not and I’m bored.

When I do order them and paint them I can share the final product with you guys too.

(First up, Farmer Marcus based on the “Old Man Marcus” or Tomorrow Marcus look).

(Second is a Farmer named Dom, complete with tomato and based on his farmer look from the first mission in Gears 3).

(Thirdly we have a dressed-up mechanic Baird slightly based on his Hivebuster attire).

(Lastly is this half-dressed workout Cole. Better than Fahz. Sorry for the volleyball it’s the best I could do).

Let me know what you think of these. If you’re into miniatures or mini painting, or are just bored in quarantine and want something to ■■■■ around with, here’s the website link;

#Buster Out!