Gears of Bugs 5 THE VIDEO

This is not meant to hate on Gears 5 but just valid criticism of what is wrong with this game…

I hope TC can fix this in the future, kudos


Iv been having game breaking texture bugs on PC since the last update. If you made a complete video of all the bugs in this game, it would be too long to upload to youtube lol


That is a very good example of simple issues that should not happen in any game. Never mind that TC was assembled to only work on a foundational pillar of Xbox success.

How have they missed these things, how have they missed basic Versus matchmaking/gameplay issues and how come this game feels so empty?

A kill in other games felt like an accomplishment, this game though, getting a kill feels very unrewarding and its not due to aim-assist or bullet mag. There’s just no gravitas there.

Tons of effort to change fundamental Gears concepts for no good reason(6 shot gnasher, inverse omen, escalation2.0), tons of bugs/glitches(stars disappearing from ToD, silver surfer character…(I’m QA and these are hilarious to me)) but the empty feeling in the gameplay actually offends me as a Gears fan.

Shame, TC. Shame on you!

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It’s sad man, really is that they would release this game as it is. I’m not a game designer but I’m also not an idiot. It can’t be that hard to copy what gears 4 was and make a few tweaks here and there. Also put some dammmm content in the game for launch. A lot of simple things would of helped if they were added day one.
I took off work to play this mess on early access and paid $80. I couldn’t even play online for the first weekend.
I stopped playing until this game is fixed which stinks because I’m sure I and others will be missing out on a lot of drip fed content I wouldn’t mind having.
Oh well as long as classic Marcus and a locust grenadier are available if this game is fixed I’ll be happy. They have there work cut out for sure

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Yup that might be true.
Way to many flaws , I wonder if this game really went through any QA testing


I’ll be honest I’ve put ■■■■ loads of hours in this game and hardly seen any. Is this an xbox thing

Don’t know… You play on PC

Yeah Ive never seen silver surfers or most of this stuff and I play everyday. At least 3 hours

Mmmhhh ok interesting.
But how can this be an Xbox problem only?

Not sure. I was asking the question not stating it was an xbox issue

The escape invisible character is not a bug, it’s just a preview of the invisibility card they havnt released yet.

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Ok but do not know