Gears of bot bot bot

This game is a absolute joke to the gaming industry.
I bloody love gears but this one is so bad you should be ashamed of yourselves . How did all these stupid decisions pass testing is beyond a joke.
This game is built for absolute bots .
Stupid flashbangs , see a people throw a flash rush him kill . Pathetic
Does a 180 without aiming magic headshot kill with the gnasher for 10ft away .
Game does everything for you , what’s the point in being a shooting game when the aim assist doesn’t it all for you .
Knife melee even with this nerf it’s still bs . Just remove it out of the mp side .
Slowed the movement down for people that use the wall bounce to evade so the bot can just hipfire like a magnet to your body . Pathetic .
Stupid terminator skins which are so spongey it’s a absolute joke . Can’t see them on dark maps .
Worse of all the crappy red omen design which is trash . I’ve payed £70 to watch my screen turn bright red or white every 30secs . Don’t know how this got through testing .
Yourstore is a joke that’s the only thing you concentrate on the most . Greed .
Youre on par with anthem on how dry and empty content you’ve deliver for a so called triple a title and the launch I feel I’ve been robbed buying the ultimate edition as the game didn’t work properly for weeks , high pings . I’d be ashamed if I work for you.
List could go on forever of how a shambles of a game this is . Poor . You need to go away for a few years and sort yourselves out. If you want to be on par or above your competitors you need to be looking at red dead redemption 2 . Took there time to make amazing graphics , with a good story . Detailed to the highest . Full of content . Rewarding experience. Do come up with (oh we catered to new players ) bull crap . It’s the 5 in the series so catering to new players . We the fan base that play your game for years that’s who you should be catering for !!! Peace .