Gears NO BR Yes Phew

So happy they did not get on the BR hype and Coalition stayed True to Gears and the Franchise so so happy fed up of all these games like BF5 and COD adding BR stay true to Gears coalition we love you.

Also PC getting its own Exclusive Gears game as a PC player this is amazing now i have no reason to own and Xbox Play my Gears on PC now

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Well the next best thing is FFA, so I hope that returns in Gears 5.

Also MS, is still yet to unveil their new BR experience so while it’s not going to be Gears, Ms still going to do a BR. :stuck_out_tongue:

Its not a BR for Gears its a New IP they only had 3 new Gears Games and thats all what was leaked from the Schedule all been right so far i can safely say no Gears BR

I think you misunderstood, I know there is going to be no BR for Gears. But to be honest it can work with Gears because it can definitely make use of a lot of lore from in unverse. For example to innovate gameplay and spice things up they can make use of kyrll storms , razorhail and windflare.

Regardless of no BR, the only game I’m interested in 5, tatical game and that pop game doesn’t interest me to be honest.

They wont do it personally maybe after Gears Story is done but i think they know that Gears fans are hardcore and we dont want Gears to be A BR like every other game now. Unique is good and that is something Gears has and it wont change.

Have to remember Gears is a tight community they dont want to push them all away. Also the BR trend will soon or later die.