Gears no audio on PC??

Got a new PC, installed gears and as soon as I open up the intro I have audio…
After I try to proceed to go to main menu , the audio cuts out. I have no clue how to sort this out. Anyone got tips for this? Already made the headset to be default voice, but did not help. Party chat worked fine throught the games btw.

Been a bug since launch…when I had my pc it was the only game that did this with a headset…even gears 4 was fine…audio worked great without a headset though…only workaround I did was party chats through the Xbox app on my phone if that’s your goal

Think this had something to do with either enabling Dolby Atmos or Logitech headsets. Don’t really remember since I never had this issue myself, only a single friend did once, but I guess try googling for those keywords? Wish I could help more.

I never could get my audio sorted. Interested in a solution.

Tried most suggestions. Still cut in and out.