Gears new model to bring back popularity

Note: This is regarding multiplayer and the competitive scene.

I know this will get down votes and dislikes as this is a completely opinionated post and I’m sure that it isn’t as easy as doing this, but I think gears should take on a new model for their multiplayer to help it gain back popularity and become a more viable game for streamers to play.

The reason I say streamers is because currently right now gears of war 4 only has 53 total viewers. I mean you can make some change here and there with 10+ viewers, but realistically not much.

So what is my recommendation to help gears out?

The most popular and obviously working model is one free 2 play game (i.e. plain “Gears”) with micro transactions for things like cosmetics and what not. So weapon skins, character skins, etc… I think base characters should still be unlockable through in game currency though.

Why does this model work?

A lot of people that see a sequel don’t want to invest because they know that means there is most likely going to be dlc to buy after also having to buy the game and it is also an investment if they want to keep playing. I know back in the day buy games was a normal thing, but I know people now that literally won’t touch a game if it cost money (weird right, greedy people). I think when a game is free people don’t mind spending money on cosmetics (even though they ending up spending more).

The next topic comes back to an ever supported one time game. When you are enjoying a game you don’t really want it to change, but just maybe get some updates to keep you enjoying it and creating a since of replayability (made up word). And when a game is bad you would like the devs to change it or make updates to make it better.
I think with sequel games it kind of makes devs not want to change their current game even if it is bad, because once they are to that point they think: Sequel, I’ll just make a new game that people like and charge them money for that. This turns so many people away.

I think when it comes down to it, creating a one time “Gears”, that gets support and constant updates from dev is what gears needs to make a come back in the multiplayer/competitive scene. I think it attracts people when a game is confident enough to do this type of thing. People love free to play games and “future proofed” support/updates. I think people see sequels as investments like I said and a lot of players just turn it down before giving it a try. I have a lot of friends that I am trying to get to play this and their most common response:
“Why pay for a less popular game that I will have to pay for again for a sequel when I can go play ever lasting supported games for free”.

If you disagree, how about giving me your opinion without bashing mine :smile: . I loved gears one, but gears two made me quit. I tried gears 4 out and am liking it, but after a long time of playing games with the current market meta I don’t see a future for me playing gears or rather coming back to it to stay.

TLDR: Gears should stick to the current meta of marketing (Free to play with micro-transactions, one time game “Gears” focused on multiplayer to help streamers/competitive players, keep cross-platform)


Couldn’t agree more.


I do agree with you on mostly all of this, after gears 2 they did realize they ■■■■■■ up a lot and went back to their roots more with 3 and 4. I think they will be doing what you said honestly becasee they changed the name of this gears to “Gears 5” so I believe this will be the last one tbh of it will be committed to stay competitive. Gears of War is known for its storyline and being one of the best written, but honestly everything has just been bad since Cliffy B left and I think they know that. So with this new game I think they will start to follow that marketing scheme already.


Yes! I want cliff back haha. Even if gears 5 is the last game and they start to follow this model afterwards, the big problem still is that the game most likely won’t be free to play and just having the name “Gears” vs “Gears 5” will also detour some people away. But I agree with what you say, thank you for the response :smiley:

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I agree with you 100%. Everytime a new gears comes out, we get some video about the developers commentating through the new gameplay and talking about how they are giving the fans what they want and going back to their roots and stuff like that. But realistically, they probably lost more and more fans with each game (Gears 3 excluded). Honestly, if they made Gears a free to play and just focused on updates and the multiplayer, the fans would come back and they would for sure make a lot of new fans too. And I’m not saying I don’t enjoy the story of Gears because I love it, but realistically the story ended with Gears 3. If they wanna keep going, that’s fine with me but I wanna see the multiplayer/competitive scene succeed and bring a large player base back to Gears. Peace and Love :v:


That’s a good point. Once gears 3 ended, the story that everyone cared about was over. Then the new people wanted to create another story from the ground up and it is not nearly as good as th original.


Well said !


Actually, to the OP…this game sucks big donkey ones. I mean you want to know how they can fix this game? They should take every file they have on this game…find le trash can. Take the le files and throw the game into le trash can. Then they should go ahead and forget about le game indefinitely. Problem solved. Move onto bigger and better games…period.