Gears Needs To Evolve

Gears does a lot right. But seems to do even more… not necessarily wrong… but not current.

Gears is on a “card system”. This system was introduced in Gears 4… and even then it was outdated. At this point it needs to put to bed. The card system not only is old and nobody likes it, but it doesn’t even make sense in its current iteration. You need to take on an actual mod system for Gears. Cards are a joke and pointless.

The skins are cool… but again, unnecessary. Again, you should adopt a mod system for the armor and allow people to mix and match. Get rid of the “card rarity system”, and get more in line with the “mod rarity system”. Giving people more choice doesn’t hurt anyone. It only helps.

Not allowing people to choose loadouts is absolutely absurd at this point as well. Gears is basically the only game that still has a set load out that can’t be altered and all the other weapons are just on the map and create “choke points”. The choke points don’t work. Especially on these maps. Each map has a specific area that is rushed 99% of the game. Everyone knows the area. It gets old. If I want to spawn with a precision rifle, let me. If I want a shotgun, let me. If it’s a long map and I spawn with all short range weapons, that should be my choice.

There are so many more things you could do to make risk game better. You tried adding “Gears” style “new” stuff… but it was old stuff. You added an arcade mode… come on man. That game mode was out of date 15 years ago. Gridiron? Seriously? A boring football variant to a bloody video game? Man that was seriously one of the worst decisions you’ve made.

There are a lot of things you could do to being back the fans. A lot of things you could do to get a lot more. But if you keep down this road… you’re just going to be joining E.T. in the desert.

Right now you’re scrambling to keep as many people as possible. And I get that. But the next installment… it’s make or break. And I guarantee you can save this franchise. But in order to do it, you need to be able to not only go against the grain of the hardcore, but you need to be able to go against the grain of your own biases as well. You have all the tools. You have 14 years worth of content to pull from.

I hope you do it. I know you can. I’m not sure you will though.

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Can you elaborate on some of these. Say, the Mod system.






I could. But I’m not really sure. I think there could be a solid mod system in place for scopes, magazines, stocks, fore grips. There’s a lot. Armor could as well. You could mod the armor to jot only change the look, but ask change the damage resistance.

There’s a lot of ways you could go about it. But I think the weird “supers” that they have now don’t make sense. Dropping ammo, doing an electric blade super… it’s all silly magic crap that has no place in Gears.

Some could say they tried to evolve Gears. But they didn’t. They stepped backwards. There has been no successful game that has had a card system in the last decade. Games are not built that way any more. They took Gears backwards. It’s like they took things they liked from the early 2000’s, and tried to make it work in a market that doesn’t want that any more, because it’s what they liked. And that’s fine. But you can’t make a game that only the couple hundred people that still play it want and then scratch your heads wondering why everyone else refuses to play.

And for Aloha Its Kyle:
That’s cool man. I doubt they care what I say anyway. Sounds like you’re happy playing against the same 34 people every week with various bot backfilling. That’s fine. If that’s the Gears you want… congratulations. That’s the one that currently exists. Glad to see you’re enjoying it.

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I get where you’re coming from but I don’t exactly get if you mean PVE Strictly or for both PVP and PVE. So I’ll propose the pros and cons for both

PVE: Mostly Pros.
• this gives players full freedom to play the game they want anyway they want without having to worry about the current level system and restrictions in game.

•Unique looks on any or a set character they feel like,making the player feel one of a kind, feel like they’re in the game themselves allowing for more immersion.

•An RPG like element/feeling to the game that the developers were actually working towards

•canon Weapons can now very in all kinds of shapes and sizes,damages,weapon/status affects,ammo mags and sight adjustments

•Players can now play how they feel like instead of playing meta characters with game breaking abilities such as marcus,JD,Kait and so on

This can give horde a fresh feel while also keeping it more grounded.

•Armor affects can actually give players less creative freedom than more. Example, an armor piece can be the best piece of armor in the game but also the worst looking as well. Do you wanna look cool or do you wanna live longer?

•Weapon mods can kill the look of this game, taking something familiar yet unique and turning it into something mundane or a little ugly

Take a look at the weapons these characters are holding, it might be a little hard to see but a drum mag on a lancer? It looks a little funny to say the least as well as the wrapped barrel longshot and banana mag sticking out of the retro lancer Sid is holding.

•Attachments will have to be balanced so they can’t break the game which also means enemies will be counter balanced into something way harder to take down depending on how you set up your load out

•Some of the attachments from Gears Tacticts will more than likely be used for a system like this and A LOT of those attachments are funny looking. So again Look cool or live longer?

-PVP:Mostly Cons and some of the pros are related to the above pros for PVE
•More player freedom
• In depth/Fun customization
• A fresh coat of paint.
• Something to invest your time in as encounters now vary even more than they already do.
•Weapons on the map will most likely be removed. Gears of wars multiplayer has always been an arena style shooter. Adding all this load out editing and attachments make this game sound more like a call of duty and removing all the weapons on the map sort of kills the fun of rushing out for a weapon to gain an advantage.

•The Load out customization will be very limited and heavily nerfed. If we can just pick any weapon we see fit to use this would kill the fun of multiplayer. Imagine spawning with a drop shot or boomshot or even a long shot? These weapons cause so much damage and are mostly instant kills so TC will nerf these weapons into the floor. Attachments won’t work like PVE and some can still be better than others and cause a bunch of players to run around with broken set ups like an extended lancer mag with a damage boosting muzzle.
Gears should never go that far.

•game modes will need to be adjusted or even removed to accommodate these loadouts and attachments. Gridiron or KOTH with longshots and Enforcers running rampant? I’m good thanks.

•Maps now need to be adjusted with more cover to accommodate these weapons, see above.

•Armor enhancements like status affects or damage reductions would probably be removed and replaced with a perk system. Keeping the armor affect stuff in PVE.

•Gears of war loses its overall feel in PVP.

Overall I think it’s something to look into but I don’t know exactly if it’ll work well in gears PVP. You can’t exactly leave them out of the loop.

How to keep it balanced?

•Just keep loadout weapons such as Lancers,Gnashers,Retro’s,Hammerburts,Snubs,
Boltoks and Talons customizable and leave power weapons on the map. This keeps advantage into play and still allows for fun and engaging gameplay when players rush for those weapons.

•Limit customization to armor cosmetic only on Lore characters like delta squad,gears of war OG characters and new delta. Give a little more leeway to characters like the UIR,COG gears,Team Scorpio, DB’s and Lizzie. This keeps our beloved characters around but also keeps them fresh.

Most of what I said probably doesn’t sound all that correct but you get the picture.

Most of it did sound about right. I don’t dispute any of what you said. You were correct with the pros and cons. I know it’s not an ideal situation to rebuild a game in that way. There’s a lot that goes into balancing and reworking constantly as weapons and mods and things are added and changed.

But I also think we can al agree that as of right now, the same 100 people that were playing Gears 4, are now playing Gears 5. And if TC doesn’t learn to adapt to the new market, Gears 6 is going to be those same 100 people after a month or 2.

Gears is unique. The first 3 games sold amazingly off of that gimmick. Well,… gimmick time is over. It’s time for something with some longevity. Regardless of if you like or dislike the current state of the game or it’s gameplay offerings, you can’t deny that the game has absolutely 0 popularity and is bargain bin bottom of the barrel rated by nearly 100% of the gaming community as a whole. Even if you love every aspect of Gears 5, the state of the game alone speaks for itself. The majority of gamers DO NOT like it.

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The Coalition summed up in Six words.

Three steps forward, one step back.

Gears has evolved, look at OP 4. But it also has taken a step back with the Class system, which i am sure no one likes.

I always thought that this is what really separated Gears from other Shooters. Everyone starts on the same level weapons wise and if you want something more powerful you have to fight for it. I’d rather it stay the way it is


Care to elaborate?

Exactly regardless of how much PvP I actually play, I wouldn’t want things like loadouts to change in versus , didn’t Overrun have a loadout system and was like a cross between a beast mode pvp? If it was a different mode… Sure…

Yea but the mode was meant to feel one sided. The Locust were stronger by default. It was a great PvP mode that generally felt like a PvE

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Gears of war has evolved… haven’t you seen " THE FREEDOM LANCER " its more than enough by now…


Honestly I never played judgement…
Probably should’ve else I would know, but I think its enough to know then that fully customizable loadouts should stay out of Gears of war :+1:

Should I try judgement? Because I’m sure overrun is decent… :thinking:

At the end of the day the game isnt the worse thing in the world. There are some good things about it. I wanna get a community night for Overrun going. Its a great mode and should come back.


For what it was, I actually didn’t mind Judgment. I liked the verticality and the change to the weapon layout. And I think the Booshka and Breachshot were fantastic additions and they should be brought back.

To your point of the separating from the rest with fighting over weapons on the map… yes and no. It didn’t separate it before. Every game was like that when Gears launched. As far as separating it “now”, well, I suppose that’s true. Pretty much no game in this genre does it any more. But that’s not necessarily a good thing.

I don’t know what the 100% correct answer is. All I know is looking at the data, the player base, the state of the game… TC hasn’t found it yet either.

I dont remember a lot of games being like this. Most shooters you got better weapons as you leveled up. Thats one of the main reasons I didnt like a lot of shooters and was one of the reasons I stuck with Gears

In Gears 1 era, there was also FEAR, which used the same pickup method. Halo 3 same pickup method. Looking at the games from back then aside from COD games, most of them followed that method. Then when Gears 2 hit in 2008 you had loadouts and more customizable freedoms in multiplayer with almost every game. As of right now, you are for the most part correct. Gears is unique in the choice to keep antiquated weapon restrictions, having 0 customizability as well as your only ability to stand out from other people is to make your weapon skins stupidly obvious to the enemy and disadvantage yourself. And the movement is too fast. Having 300 - 400 lbs of muscle and body armor and weapons and hyper bouncing through a hallway is just completely absurd to me. It doesn’t work any more. The mechanics, features and multiplayer in general for this series are insanely outdated.

What I don’t understand is why their effort to update the game was to add in more antiquated features. The card system. An arcade mode. Gridiron. Escape mode is a copy and paste of other titles game modes. It’s all just so boring. The only positive thing that set Gears aside from everyone else was the realistic gore. And even that’s starting to fade. I can go play Doom or several other games at the point that scratch that gore itch just as well. The game is still littered with inconsistencies and issues and just boring repetitive gameplay.

I’m not gonna day they aren’t trying. They are. Throwing Gears 5 out, POP and Tactics all right quick. They’re trying to flood the market with Gears to get it hyped and seeing what people like and what they don’t. Well, it’s clear from every data point, people don’t like Gears 5 as a whole. People don’t like Gears POP as a whole. And Tactics was probably the worst failure of all of them.

A road to success exists with the Gears franchise. But right now they’re riding with 2 tires in the ditch. They’re about to hit a tree and have to scrap the whole thing if they don’t get back on the road.

Most of what you are saying is mainly opinion. I dont think the same about the “outdated mechanics, features and multiplayer” The mechanics of the game is what really sets it apart from most TPS

How was it a failure??

Third person shooters aren’t common. And the ones that do exist, either aren’t that popular or don’t have a multiplayer aspect. Fuse was amazing. But very unpopular. No multiplayer either. Dead space is also amazing and has a good following. No multiplayer. It’s usually either relatively unknown or no replayability/multiplayer. So it’s not hard to be set apart. And as far as what I’m saying being opinion. Sure. Because I’m saying it. What you’re saying about liking it is also your opinion. But looking at game data, populations and everything available… it’s clear that the vast majority of people that play this game share my opinions… not yours. And by share I don’t mean align perfectly, I just mean see the game in a negative way and very few positives, which create 0 incentive to even boot it up.

As far as Tactics being the worst… I check the viewers every so often to see how popular it is. The most people I’ve seen watching on twitch in the last month has peaked at a massive… 5. That’s horrible. 5 lonely people cared enough to interact with the game on twitch. That’s how I know it’s the worst. Because it’s the newest game… and has the lowest player interaction of the entire franchise right now.

Gears in general is not a popular streaming game. I wouldnt expect to see Tactics doing anywhere near what Gears 5 is doing(and thats low) Saying a single player game is a failure because its not streaming well is wrong