Gears needs a more indepth boot camp to avoid anymore nerfs

Boot camp needs to be simplified but dynamic to explain every shot and wallbouce in the game.
Something like this:

  1. This pictured thumbstick position makes you do this, with picture of a short video/ demonstrated example.

  2. This makes you wallbounce faster

  3. This makes you wallbounce faster to the end of parallel walls or adjacent walls to also give you more wallbounce reach without rolls.

  4. This is how you wallbounce backwards

  5. This is how you wallbounce, with your character facing backwards, yet moving forward from your camera. ( I call it the suction bounce)

  6. You can wallbounce Like this doing these things but this is best because of this reason

  7. This wallbounce is called this, this shot is called this

I’ll try to plan, to write one in default… who wants to write one on alternate control scheme?

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I think the bootcamp is more for the campaign. There are a lot of youtube videos for people who want to get better.

But yeah, it would be nice if they had in-game tutorials on how to do more advanced stuff. Maybe they don’t, cause they might not consider specific techniques as core or essential gameplay mechanics, and could be removed or tuned up at any time.



Wallbouncing, along with any shot techniques, is ‘unofficial’ and would never be included in an ingame tutorial.

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I think they would of gotten rid of the these mechanics if they tried. They did try to get rid of wallbounce cancel at one time, and that backfired because the origin creators wanted it to be more like gears 1.
I think gears 1 wallbounce might of been too fast then what they intended as well.
If they wanted it gone I believe they would of tried more aggressively though, after it backfired already. I think they know they have to not get rid of it since they changed the game according to the pro players concerns before already who didn’t like a certain change. Just typing random history I remember with this game.

A few more things to mention though. They supposedly helped mentor 343 studios with their halo Infinite game, and they reportedly already have an academy section for this purpose that the community have figured out doing throughout the years in halo and already named. I think since they can’t technically get rid of all the years of gears lore and discovery that gears has already. I think they can’t get rid of it, even if they exactly knew how to do it.
Knowing more about the accidental tricks in gears won’t allow them to get rid of it anymore than them not knowing how’s it done, I assure you they already had 5+ games to do that already If they ever planned it before. (And they had YouTube videos to do that too.)
EDIT: To the contrary I think TC will be more influenced to take these tricks out of the game when they can’t explain them, and explain them to everyone, because it would be random or unfairly not happening because of “unknown consistency” when they don’t put a tutorial in game.

Besides this, they find a bigger issue, if this ever was an issue: not catering new players over veterans. That, and making this game as equally fair and balance as possible. This is how you do it man. This is their biggest or one of their biggest core uniqueness to their game anyways… being balanced.

Why? It allows for content creators to, well… .make content

However, it would definitely be something that would put TC above other developers being able to explain the mechanics that dominate the PvP Field.

Exactly man, not only that but everyone will be alot better making the game harder on average to clutch, making the game take more skill

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I do agree.

But new players won’t ever use it. The majority would rather complain about something than learn things about the game to get better.

Lol, maybe so. But once everyone destroys them, they’ll be forced to adapt or leave. Not only that but once they see someone else do it they’ll want to do it too, if they plan on “sticking around” and be one of TC’s statistics of manufacturer to consumer/ costumer. Some people’s opinions just don’t count. These types of people just can’t be of consideration when making a product or you loose those for which your game was made for in the first place.
These people are the “great unwanted equalizer” that only effects the game negatively if you listen to their needs to implement those needs. Lol

Maybe. But there are several staff members not in favour of such manoeuvres.

I mean just look at the state of the current Versus. It’s damn ridiculous just how slow it’s become.


Or yes, one more point:…To the contrary I think TC will be more influenced to take these tricks out of the game when they can’t explain them, and explain them to everyone, because it would be random or unfairly not happening because of the unknown consistency, when they don’t put a tutorial in game.

Honestly i wouldnt mind if they did something like what halo infinite was doing with the academy.

I’ve said it multiple times they need to do something similar to Mortal Kombat. It doesn’t have to be as insanely detailed like MK but it definitely needs to be more in depth

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I would also like to know how to do a 20 hit combo into a execution fatality

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with the game being notoriously hard to break into, a robust pvp mechanic tutorial should be in the game. TC knows if players get trounced in their fist few games they tend to leave and never come back. onboarding players should be a priority for them.

a Halo Academy like training tool would be welcomed. even for seasoned players a daily run though a set program where you Up-A/Back A/pop shot/strafe various bots who are positioned around the map could be useful. races around the maps for the best times and really, it could be a host of things like this.

The real reason we didn’t get a proper tutorial is because TC never had the time to work on it unfortunately. Too busy with bugfixes/QoL stuff.

something would need to give in terms of scope. are players willing to axe Escape in order to get something like this into the game?

that’s not a realistic comparison though. Escape probably took 10x the resources that a superior bootcamp would.

Featurecreep as it is commonly referred to as is a very serious problem as it ends up making even great games come out as feeling very rushed/unpolished because devs spend too much time on whatever fantasy they got going on in their minds. My favorite example of this is Spartan Ops… Literally, probably the biggest waste of time Halo devs have ever spent lol. They thought it would last years :joy_cat:

Artists have an issue where if create an amazing piece of art they want to keep going back and changing it, which ultimately just ruins it. The trick is to have good management (in this specific case, as they are the ones pulling the strings I’d assume) that knows what they want to do and what kind of game they wanna make. I would argue that Escape is arguably one of the worst things that came into Gears 5 because it made balancing drastically more challenging and it just kind of made the potential of more classes less so. Had a huge impact directly and indirectly with the game as a whole.

Edit: Escape will almost certainly not return, at least looking anything like it did in 5.

the rest of the resources could be divvied up across the rest of the game at that point, more maps at launch, versus map builder, Horde encounters, etc.

I don’t see Escape coming back either and with all the negativity surrounding the game they’ll go back to basics to try and nail down Campaign, Versus and Horde.

I’ve said this a million times and I’ll say it again, if TC do anything innovative or interesting with Gears 6 it’ll be Overrun 2.0 (they’ll probably call it something else)

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