Gears multiplayer needs Yakuza cross over

I would pay 1000 Iron for Goro Mayima

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I love Yakuza but that would be ridiculous.

  1. Yakuza isnt bombing as a franchise, so can’t include it in Gears

  2. Slim chance of appearance if its apart of Majima-everywhere and he hunts down Kiryu-Kait


Gears never needed a crossover, it’s tacky AF imo. I hope TC an MS made a ■■■■-ton of money from it too cause it’s hurt them bad. Many ppl left cause of the terminator advantage/ridiculousness

Myself included

If gears6 advertises anything running round in MP that isn’t a Cog or a Swarm/Locust I’ll not be buying a gears game for once

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As usual Jim sums up my feelings on this cr@p

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It won’t work trust me.

its like mixing mario bros with contra… its just doesn’t add up.

I want my Goro dammit


dagger attack only does 87%

Kiryu-Kait does tiger drop

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2000 Iron I would pay for Kiryu Kazama.
He is an orphan you know.

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I would pay real money to finally get him in Tekken 7. Like come on, how tf did Neegan get in but Kiryu isn’t in. He’s made to be the iron fist champion!

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He would be so OP tho with all his different fighting styles and his ability to copy every fighting move he sees

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Balance it, give him the Dragon style which could be his most iconic moves like the tiger drop.

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Want it, need it, will pay for it.

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Shots fired


Want it, fine

Need?? No, you’ll live without it

Food, water = need

More crossover skum = no one needs :yum:

I fell down a flight of stairs today, I blame you.

I will pay 1000 Iron for Nishikiyama

hi man just our of curiosity what stupid stuff is he asking ?

I hope he is not requesting KEN from Barbie Universe to be on Gears 5 .

Can you not read? he’s asking for yakuza characters, gears doesn’t need ANY crossover with other franchises, they simply don’t fit. Period.

oh I see man …

yeah I have also told him that this won’t work … I rather see ELMO from Sesame Street on Horde rather than Yakuza characters… the Yakuza game itself doesnt deliver at all also.


I couldn’t care less if the game cross over was with the worlds greatest hit game ever. Stick with what’s yours, and don’t try to jazz it up with someone elses crap. It doesn’t fit and never will.

I feel like some people are missing the humor in this post lol