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Gears multiplayer is terrible for solo players

(BIack 8eard) #41

It’s funny everybody on the forum going keyboard warrior telling the coalition how to fix their game, TC are aware of the issues for sure. Coding and messing around with server stuff ain’t easy man.

(J4CKA1) #42

Especially when support for the game is 0% now.

(Keala89) #43

For some strange reason, TC has a hard-on for Mexicans and Latin America.

Just look at the extent they go through to cater to them with all the Day of the Dead and Oscar variant skins.

It’s creepy.


Me and @Krylon_Blue were talking about this recently. I personally believe that they cater to them because they bring in a huge amount of revenue, demographically speaking, so it makes good business sense to appeal to such a huge potential buyer base.

Where have you been btw? I haven’t seen you on the forms in awhile

(Keala89) #45

I’ve taken a break from gears and the forums to play ( so i can delete and free up my hard drive) games i’ve downloaded from games with gold.

Right now, I’m playing Borderlands (for the first time) and it’s fun. Playing Tales From the Borderlands was my first time experiencing this game’s universe, so it made me want to tryout Borderlands. I just wish it had a better narrative like the telltale game did. Maybe that’ll come with Borderlands 2 because that’s when Handsome Jack makes his appearance…

(Me0wMix CatFood) #46

Borderlands is amazing. My girl and I revisited the 3rd one this summer when Gears was too laggy for me to tolerate.
I’ve got very high hopes for the next installment, which is delayed but in the works.


Oh ok cool. I’ve never played Borderlands, but i’ve heard great things about it

(Keala89) #48

I just HATE that enemies respawn so damn fast. When going through a mission, it can be kinda tough progressing quickly through the area. Next thing i know enemies from an earlier area have respawned and now i’m sandwiched between two areas of enemies. Especially when i have to backtrack to turn in a claptrap mission for the backpack upgrade.

It would be better if they respawned once you left and then re-entered the area. It also sucks that you lose a huge amount of money every time you die.

Have those things been fixed in Borderlands 2, or are they the same?

(Me0wMix CatFood) #49

2 and 3 get progressively smother but one of the features I liked about Borderlands is the volume of enemies. I get bored when a game is just a lot of walking around. The coolest thing about 3 (pre-sequel) is the gun grinder. Like a slot machine for weapons. You scrap weapons for a somewhat randomly crafted new weapon.

Between the 3,the first has the best story elements, third has the smoothest gameplay, 2nd might be the best combo of story and gameplay.

(J4CKA1) #50

I have it on some kind of authority that Celeste is the best game graphically, story-wise, and gameplay-wise, probably of all time.

(Keala89) #51

Thanks. I just finished the main story and am now gonna try knock out the DLC so i can move on to Borderlands 2.

(D IE IMI ii E N) #52

Wifi or cable „dont" make different if servers are ■■■■😆

(III EnVii III) #53

The servers are perfectly fine.

A lot of it’s luck and depends on your location.

I’m so close to my server that I actually get a rock solid 5ms ping.

The only thing that’s sucks is matchmaking.

As a solo player, or as a 2, your always given the lowest ranked team possible.

Me and a Diamond 4 player where searching as a 2 and we got out against a very good diamond stack and were given Silver and Gold players :confused:

(ll R E D l) #54

Do you think its because match making is bad or just a low population?

(III EnVii III) #55

Definitely low population.

Once you hit Diamond, it’s even worse.

Being in EU doesn’t seem to help which is normally second behind the US in terms of population but looks like the game isn’t very popular on PC here.

It sucks because on Xbox - games within a minute.

On PC is anywhere between 30 Seconds to 3 hours for a game, normally the latter.

(ll R E D l) #56

I would agree with you for the most part but with this game I think EU is 3rd, US 2nd and south of the boarder would be first

(III EnVii III) #57

Well since south of the border of the US seems to always play on the US servers, I’ve grouped that population together :sweat_smile:

(ll R E D l) #58

I wish they would get their own server already if its that big of a population they should have 1 already. Hopefully they have 1 for Gears 5

(III EnVii III) #59

Depends if one can be set up there and if it can handle the traffic.

Personally, I’d even take playing against them on EU, just so I can get games :joy:

(Krylon Blue) #60

It’s ridiculous how the lag disappears when the one Mexico player disconnects and how fast it comes back once they reconnect.