Gears multiplayer is terrible for solo players

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I agree, it’s very difficult to win as a solo player in Ranked matches, especially on Core tuning against a stack or when you end up with teammates you’d rather turn in for bots.

While Competitive does give you a bit of extra breathing space when it comes to 1 v 2+ situations, the Competitive game modes require good teamwork and/or knowledgable players to win.

As it stands there is no Ranked alternative for solo players. Here’s hoping Gears 5 changes this through the weapon tuning and bringing back Free For All.

(III EnVii III) #22

Free for all is most certainly a good thing.

Also Wingman too.

(Guerrero Ultimo) #23

I cannot imaging thinking Onyx and Diamond mean much. I have clips of crap due to the ping or players and, I guess, the servers and coding on this game.

Case in point. My team wins 2-0. So, I saw and recorded a player on my team eating a ton of shots. Onyx for sure.

Then I hit an “MLG” squad. Fine probably will lose. Well sure. Their crap connections. Or something else. Fine pings until combat. They would down you at distance with a lancer with 7 hits. Then finish you off. But they could run away from you and a teammate. My lancer was active not sure about the teammate. Blood flying off these idiots who then talk trash.

Plus a game in which an legendary diamond, wow, eats shots from me and a teammate. In the video and clip you can see that me and this teammate are shooting said player. Player runs a nice distance, slides, and kills me. Shot was not even close for one. But even worse was that said teammate started then hits said player with the gnasher. Nope, 20 shots with the gnasher and this player shoots the air NEAR his head and bits go flying.

Not sure how anyone can take this game as a serious mp game. Yeah, you could be godly. But this game just pulls this crap all the time. Was like this before and one reason I quit the mp for so long. Hell, I have so many vids and clips of direct headshots where the player than misses and gets credit anyway.

And sure, I suck. But nothing changes the fact that some of these players have pings jump to massive numbers in combat. And many will just run though tons of bullets with blood flying only to kill you with one hit and run the whole team over. And the can down you with 7 hits, instantly if they start to shoot, with the lancer. I even had one pop up with the snub and down me instantly. Such skill.

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I enjoy it


OP play King of The Hill


Not if you live outside the city, with your own land, you can choose a channel that is not overlapping and a router/access point designated only for the Xbox. No interference then.

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I don’t have any interference on my router but the ping will never be as stable as a wired connection. A 5Ghz signal doesn’t travel for a very far distance so interference in your own home is the biggest issue. In my case I know my Astro A50 run on a 5Ghz band so I changed my routers channel to avoid any interference. It’s stable but that’s also because it’s right next to my Xbox. But it’s still not as good as wired and the majority of users seem to have poor WiFi likely caused by these cheap Gateways they’re provided by their ISP.

WiFi should never be used for gaming. It’s that simple.


I didn’t say it’s better than a wired connection. Just pointing out that under certain circumstances you can get a decent setup with little to no interference.

It’s that simple, to post, sure…but I’d guess 95% of gamers are on wifi, most will not run cables through their homes and forget about the youth and students.

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True. My router is in an adjacent room, and I’m not about to go cutting holes in my wall so my connection is better when the distance is literally 5 feet. I know wired is better, but sometimes it’s just not worth it.

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Thanks for the input. I formatted the post and fixed a couple of typos and misconceptions.

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Leaving aside people’s internet setups, MP is tough for solo players in any case as:

  1. Gears is a team-based game and it works best if people communicate and act like a team
  2. Solo players have no control over who they play with so you can partnered with people who have no idea / have incompatible play styles
  3. Teams develop an innate understanding of how to play together - solos need to be more rounded players as they have to be able to perform all roles.

Having returned to MP last week after about a year our, playing solo now is a lot harder than I remember.

(J4CKA1) #32

To be fair, with the rise of cross game parties, and the party system in general, games have been moving this way for some time. I play Halo as well, and playing solo there sucks too. I think if you look at any game these days, there is little-to-no in game chat going on unless there is a group together in the same match. Without communication on 1 team, and the “enemy” team communicating, you’re probably in for a beating either way.

MP modes are no longer for the solo player, IMO.

(Sin Ogaris) #33

Am I the only one that thinks people are insane for playing a SQUAD based game as an individual? It’s not about have a full group from the get go, but you need to communicate with your team or you’re going to get wrecked.

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Only mode that really is horrible to solo que is escalation-some games you have teammates refuse to cross,hold or rotate;quitters when they’re bottom of leaderboards even if you’re winning by round count,being only one at boom four rounds in a row is another that I absolutely adore. No one I teamed with for GBS on previous gears whether on 2/3 or ue still plays so mainly solo q and it’s horroudous I got to onyx 2 in escalation twice by mainly solo quing with wee bit of duo and Tri quing but each time I drop back down.

(jumboopizza123) #35

Gears of war 4 multiplayer is broken like you said it gives an advantage to higher ping players like mexico.I didnt know gears was made for mexicans. With higher ping you can move slightly well and be able to avoid all shots no problem but if your ping is lower youll get killed more easily for sure. I’m sorry to have to say this but mexicans ruined gears of war and if this problem is still present in gears of war 5 i won’t even bother buying a game that was meant for mexicans

(Omen LP) #36

I don’t mind playing solo at all, AS LONG AS PEOPLE DONT QUIT/AFK… Of course that’s impossible…

I even had a guy go AFK in a full LFG squad, wtf…

(Al Bundy 33hero) #37

I think the game is hard for solo players because of the mentality of most solo players. People just refuse to think about supporting their teammates. And I know most people reading this probably fall into this category because about 90% of the solo players out there do this. They will watch fights happen without actively shooting. My MO is, if I can see an enemy, he’s getting shots put into him. It’s really not that hard. But, some people just clutch onto that gnasher and wait. Absolutely maddening to watch an enemy walk up to a power weapon and take it and realize I’m the only one shooting at him.

Players should constantly watch what teammates are doing and assist when they can.

Sometimes, I’m in squads where I’m the only one talking and teammates do stupid, solo-player stuff like take snipe and then go hide rather than holding a position for map control. Or, if you have snipe they might be right next to you but aren’t making sure that you don’t get rushed. Solo mentality will always cripple your team, whether you are by yourself or in a squad.

(IDONTuseMODz) #38

I’ve never played a competitive shooter that cares less about matching full stacks against randoms than Gears does. I imagine this is a side effect of the relatively small population but it’s still pretty unfortunate when it happens.

As a random aside, the ranking system at least recognizes how unfair this is as I have yet to lose any rank % off a crushing loss to an obvious 5 stack because the system already seemingly knew I had a zero percent chance to actually win anyways so lol. That’s good at least, though at that rate why even bother making us play the match out? Save me the headache and give me an instant (rankless) loss and let me try my luck in the random lottery you guys at TC call a matchmaker again.

(Omen LP) #39

Over the holidays I played mostly solo, since my regular team mates were away/off/drinking spiced eggnog/whatever :wink:

I agree with lots of the above. People just don’t give a crap about coordinating… or playing as a team…

Most extreme example I saw: KOTH on Speyer. Ring is at Salvo. I pick up the salvo (which a team mate dropped because he got killed). That guy runs back to us, sees that I have it, and stands close to me. I suspect I know what wants to do, so I am keeping an eye on him. Enemy team runs in, I start to fire the salvo, and yup, my own mexican team mate runs to stand right in front of me: wants me to blow myself up so HE can pick up the salvo!!!

I knew it was coming so I got a Triple and didn’t blow myself up, but this is the type of crap I see in ranked, with randoms…


That sucks…and is kinda funny. I play nothing but solo