Gears multiplayer is terrible for solo players

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So I played Gears 4 since it came out and I can’t stand it anymore. All my friends who used to play this game quit it out of pure frustration, so now all I can do is play solo. The game has 3 major flaws that ruin any fun I could get out of it.

  1. The Servers, I never understood why Epic and now The Coalition made the servers the way they are. It seems the worse connection you have, the better you are in game. I put in the effort to get good Wi-Fi (wired connection, sorry for not specifying) and Gears gut punches me for it. I have a connection of 10-25 and I get killed by someone with a connection of 300 for no reason. I teleport, get shot behind cover, get sniped cross map by a Gnasher, and worst of all, shoot them several times but the game says I did no damage at point blank range. I live in the eastern U.S. and when I jump into a match It’s full of Mexicans, Columbians, and everyone else that should not be in the East US server. To this day I could not tell you why Gears of War does not have a Mexican/Central American server. Which brings me to my second problem.

2.The Population. The game is rigged against you. I played the ranking matches and everyone I played against was onyx/diamond. Because of this I get ranked gold 1 or lower but it gets worse. The population is so small that even though I am gold 1, I’m still placed with onyx/diamond players. This causes me to lose even more rank until I just stop playing. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Combine this with the 1st problem and It is simply unbearable. It’s not like I’m a bad player. Hell, I am been playing Gears since Gears 2 and I was onyx back when my friends played this game.

Lastly 3, the try hard community. Gears acts like the only way to play is to be a pro player or be so skilled at the game you can do it in your sleep. I swear I can predict which team will win the match by how many Mexico emblems players on each team. I have played this game for nearly 300 hours and I still can’t win a match. I always have to go pro or lose. I want to play a video game to relax, not have a brain aneurysm. For this reasons and plenty more “Gears multiplayer is terrible for solo players”.

P.S. Sorry for the confusion. Despite my best intentions, I sadly did not specify my internet situation. I use a wired connection and do my best to keep my internet fast and reliable. I am sorry, I’m not some kind of tech god. To be honest, I use the term Wi-Fi and wired/wireless interchangeably. Hope that cleared things up.

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This is very true and it’s unfortunate.

Btw, you should format your post nicer. No one wants to read a wall of text. You already put the numbers in there, so just put each number on a new line and it will format nicely, like this:

  1. this is
  2. easy to
  3. read

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Well, it’s not terrible it’s fun.
The only advantage you get playing in stacked team is unrealistic high ranking (which is broken and like anyone cares btw). I witnessed some random silvers kicking the hell out of stacked diamonds. They were crying on silvers as cheaters but the actual cheaters were them. And the matchmaking/ranking system which allows abuse of dragging bad players very high in ranks.

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The only reason this sucks when solo because 9 times out of 10 you get placed with a bunch of derps that play like idiots.

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I try to find people. I have 2 issues. 1 is i only play with mexico so no english or decent connections and 2 is the ranks are so vastly different you can be placed with an unranked and a diamond

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Things are getting interesting with this ruby scion challenge. There was a bronze on the opposing team who was not capping at all and slaying the hell out of our gold/onyx players. His movement and accuracy was no way matched with his rank. I’m guessing he was a TDM player or maybe escalation.

Anyway I’m seeing a lot more of this lately

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As a solo player, I play exclusively in social because of the reasons you listed. I can’t be bothered to play ranked matches with such a poor matchmaking system. That being said, this game is at near end-of-life Gears 3 levels of population, where you are guaranteed to run into players you’ve played against within the past day or so, and it’s thanks to TC’s lack of attention in places where it matters most. There’s more to sustaining a game than exclusive skins.

As for the third point, Gears has had a very, very tough learning curve and skill gap. It’s been that way for a while. Personally, that forced me to be better as a solo player as I’m literally the only one out of my circle of friends that plays this game as much as I do.

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Most games aren’t easier playing solo… Once the party system came into play over the larger network of Xbox Live, I see people in parties all the time and they aren’t even in the same games. It used to be that your mic connected you to the game you were in, and that was pretty much it. This promoted team play and community. It’s hard to play solo, you’re right… but are you trying to communicate with others in the game and strategize, or just hoping they know what to do to complement your play style?

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I stopped reading at “I put in the effort to get good Wi-Fi…”

WiFi is for streaming ! You’re still teleporting because you’re not using a LAN cable. :unamused:

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He isnt saying he doesnt connect directly, hes saying he spends money on decent internet and it makes no difference. Maybe you should’ve kept reading.

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He says he has “Good WiFi” though. WiFi is wireless internet and in no way implies he has a wired connection. I have great WiFi too but I don’t use it for gaming. No matter how ‘good’ your WiFi is it’s still going to experience interference issues.

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Wifi is a generic terminology referring to internet in general. I see exactly what you’re saying, but I dont think that’s what he is implying that he is connected wirelessly to his personal network. I shouldn’t have popped off, so my bad.

(Krylon Blue) #15

If he does indeed mean wired internet he should specify that. No one that has any knowledge of internet technology would refer to a wired ‘Ethernet’ connection as WiFi. No one I know makes that mistake but that doesn’t mean others won’t. It’s just if you’re coming here to moan about the connections, which are horrible in this game, you need to show you have some understanding of the internet or it just seems like an empty complaint. Especially when you claim to have WiFi which only makes the issues worse.

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Funniest thing I’ve read in a long while…

Hahahaha, NO.

WiFi is a network connection mechanism, one which has been a problem for low latency applications (like gaming) forever, due to its basic design.

Considering he said he invested in WiFi AND he teleports, leads me to think he probably IS on a wireless connection…

(Silenced STL) #17

Lol, I sell fiber optic internet all day long for a living. 98% of the general public refers to internet as wifi. Thank you for the Google reference and you’re attempt to dunce me on the internet. I personally know the difference, but I think he was simply referring to his internet in general.

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But you have to be the guiding light and show the derps how to play and turn them into MLG Pro Players.

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I’ll buy some Fiber Internet from you :+1:

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The biggest thing that would have made gears 4 a good game is… “A free for all mode” like judgment. That would eliminate all of these unnecessary bans and suspensions. I’ve gotten banned for 3 months because of other people who ruin the game. There’s always at least one person going afk, someone quitting, or someone not helping at the ring in king of the hill, which makes you quit and find another match.

It makes no sense for anybody to stay in a pointless match when there’s no help… I don’t know if I’ll ever come back to gears, and I’ve been a faithful player since day 1… I knew gears would be a nice game before it even came out, cause I played unreal tournament a lot and couldn’t wait for gears… Now I’m very disappointed in this game… Don’t know why a free for all was never added, makes no sense at all, it’s not like they don’t know how