Gears movie....?

Anyone know what happened to that Gears movie Rod promised ages ago?

Nothing has happened yet as far as we are aware.

Dave Bautista as Marcus would be awesome. They should make this movie happen.

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It’ll be like 75% CGI…I don’t think it will be that good

Depends, look at the Marvel movies the always look great

I think Gears would do well as a series of animated movies, something akin to this.

If you can, find “Love, Death, Robots” on Netflix. It’s a bunch of short CGI mini-movies. Watch the last episode about Russian soldiers, and I think that’s how a Gears movie would look best.

Plus a CGI movie, such as Ready Player One, means we can keep the memorable faces and voices. I know there’s a MK movie coming in the next year or so, interested to see how they do that.

But I’d rather it not be another disconnect movie that throws the story out the window and just starts making ■■■■ up, like Tim Burton’s Batman.

I think it’ll be mediocre if it ever happens, but a full-CGI movie means we can better keep the feel-sounds-looks etc of the games. Like a super long Ultimate Edition cutscene. I’d be down for that.

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Did you watch the trailer I posted? This is pretty much what I was saying. Something done in a similar style could work well for Gears.

Well yeah I’m saying it would work well, and look good. But if the script is off, characters are written poorly. Or the “horror, dark” elements from the first game aren’t carried through I’ll have problems with it for sure.

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I agree. Writing and production design would be essential.

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Gears of War just borrowed elements from a ton of existing movies so licensing issues will keep it from being made. The Kryll are basically the things from Pitch Black and Marcus is just Snake Plissken and Rambo hopped up on vitamin-S.

We’re all hoping for perfection and true to the source movie making, but we would end up with some first time low-budget director making something akin to Transmorphers quality effects with a Mortal Kombat Annihilation level of “jam in all the references” story telling.

You just can’t take a ~10hour campaign with the characters we all knew and make it into a coherent 90min movie for a broader audience.

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Give the job to Peter Jackson he’ll make you the real deal

Based on his work with Dead Alive/Braindead? YES
Based on his work with LOTR, and everything else? No.

If he went the lord of the rings route it would be visually stunning but a 12hour trilogy with 11hours of walking.

Come on that was lord of the rings this would be epic and besides he pulled it off didn’t he with what 10 or 11 awards out of 12.

There would be at least 20min of Marcus super slow walking with two fingers pressed to his ear and you know it. lol

Dave as Dominic yes as marcus no buddy just don’t see him as leader.

Lol but better than cgi

I deff see him more as Marcus, hes been doing great in movies recently

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He has been doing great i agree totally,but he doesn’t fit in for Marcus i just don’t see it. I would explore other choices but if it came down to Dave i would be fine with it as long as we get our movie lol.

Imagine the movie tie-in video game… :fearful:

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