Gears loyalist here leaving my opinion!

I may be a Gears Loyalist but I haven’t had really any problems with Gears 5. By no means am I any good at the game but I love the story, I love horde, I love having a few drinks and trying to kill people in versus and the big one, I LOVE playing couch co-op with my friends on all those modes (especially ones with out an XBOX #Guest)! I feel like many games don’t allow you to do that anymore.
But I wanted to throw my opinion out there for the game I grew up on and made me get an Xbox360 over a PS3 back in the day and I look forward to hearing some thoughts from the community.


Classic first post


You know it Clown!


First of all man… welcome to this forum… great to have you here.

Regarding that you haven’t had any problems with Gears 5 , that’s a first , I mean its great to have someone who is having a good time with the game …


I guess the worse thing that happened was having to redo a snatcher part in Act 3 on insane (I believe it was a side mission). An MPC that was supposed to open a door clipped below the ground so we had to do it again and by again like 15 more times… I hate snatchers.

Idk man maybe I just don’t play enough anymore to really have a say or to have experienced many issue but I was bored at work today and was looking at all things Gears and wanted to join in on this fun!

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You really are going to have a very fun time here… there’s a lot of people very knowledgeable about the game ( a different games besides Gears) and I have learned a lot from the community . I do think this is really the place to be to have a great time man .

A lot of us spend a lot of time playing this game , . maybe that could be the reason why we do have problems with it, however still if you like the game that’s the primary focus on these forums .

Again hoping to read you man , and great to talk to you .

Yeah well if you play ranked pvp alot then it would be hard not to have issues although they seem to be making progress in ironing out these problems

Yeah unfortunately I haven’t been able to log the hours on versus like I used to notice any problems . I miss the high school/ college days of my gaming career… all the time In the world to play haha

Yeah luckily I only work 3 days a week and have a bit of time but I don’t play as much as I used to either.

I personally have had no issues either. I’m playing on Steam and clocked 90+ hours. No bugs or anything. My only issue is early quitters in horde.



I’m sure there are many people that share your same thoughts, but a lot of the really hardcore fans think otherwise. Some criticisms are valid, and some way over the top.

Enjoy the game and keep having fun.

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Whenever we have a quitter in horde I always say to the team we didn’t need them haha but I will take my AI Soldier over nothing at all, they love picking you up when your down!

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I would love for AI in horde to have commands. Like protect / offense / retreat back to fabricator etc. It would help so much.

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Personally when the game ran well it was not bad. I enjoyed it. Was it my beloved gears 2? No. But that’s fine. I had a nasty Jack glitch in campaign, and horde? I can’t join a single game with out an error or something about my squad being full while I’m alone. But the few times I got it to work I did like it. It just got so bad I had to put it down reluctantly. Hurts my heart to ever to do that to a GOW game. So back to 3 or 4 I go :frowning: