Gears lore and theories,

Now, I was in the shower while I was thinking about this, but with the introduction of the lambent in gears 2, we were given a new enemy with its own backstory that we knew nothing about, as gears 3 begins, we start to get an idea of how dangerous they actually are but we know nothing of the lambents intentions, as far as taking over the surface or some other odd goal, they act as viruses and consume and infect other living species, now this brings me to the point I actually want to make, we never saw any lambent infected Kantuses, nor do we see any swarm altered variant of the Kantus, which leads me to wonder if they will make a return in gears 5, now I haven’t read any of the comic books, or novels in the series, and they may shed light on this issue, but I am not sure, what I surmised from this, as no Kantuses attacked the base at the end of gears 3, and none are shown when the device goes off in the cutscene, as the Kantus shows a sentience beyond what drones and grenadiers show, maybe the Kantus lived on, but this is just a theory, and I may be completely incorrect, anybody else have thoughts on this?

That’s more or less it. Mindless zombie-like beings. Not much else to it.

As for appearing in Gears 5, that’s impossible. The Locust evolved because they were not exactly 100% Imulsion and weren’t totally annihilated by Adam’s Imulsion Counter-Weapon. The Lambent on the other hand, were pretty much just imulsion creatures, and therefore totally wiped out with no chance of survival.

It would’ve been interesting to see a Lambent Kantus as pretty much all other Locust types were covered but we’ll never know.

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I think it’s a possible theory that the Kantus could return. From all I’ve read, they are the most mysterious because so little background was ever given. They could heal, control tickers, and sometimes would burst into a cloud of ink when killed. Skorge could also control the Rift Worm. I have a few comics I haven’t read yet, so some answers may be beyond my current knowledge in plain writing.

They did live in the hollow which was flooded, so we could presume most died at that point.

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