Gears loading with no volume at all and the loading screen staying stuck over everything

Tried to login to play 3 different times this a.m. No volume at all. Every other game. Volume. No problem. Also, does anyone else ever have the Op4 loading screen stay stuck over everything until you load into something? What is going on with the volume? And why hasn’t the loading screen been fixed.

Loading screen; no. No clue what that is.

Volume; maybe.

  • Make sure you didn’t mute the game in Volume Mixer or in your PC’s sound settings.

  • In-game, make sure your Master Volume is not set at 0. When I did this, I couldn’t hear anything when booting the game.

  • Press the Windows Key, then type Sounds, then click this:

  • image

Find Gears 5 in that menu (when the game is open), and check if it’s using the correct playback device.

  • In your sound panel (right-click the sound icon in the bottom-right in the system tray → sounds → playback), make sure your main speaker / headset is checked as default.

If none of those tips end up working, you can try seeing if you have a driver update for anything sound related, or you can try backtracing what you did before the sound went out, like so:

  • What updated on your PC?
    – Did Windows have an update?
    – Did Gears 5 have an update?
    – Etc.

Hopefully this helps!

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Big bwain time:


I had this the other day. Pretty sure you have the same issue as i did.
You will need to hard start your xbox

Unplug it from the wall socket and hold the power button in for atleast a min if not longer . It should work after that.


@v_PeRK_v yea…required a reboot of the box. Weirdly, at times I have sound issues playing Horde where the sound kinda goes in and out and crackles. It has to be a bad channel on their end. Its not a headset issue. My headset is wired. And it doesnt do it on any other game than Gears.