Gears Judgment VIP pass

HI, I bought Gears of War Judgment VIP pass - this includes Lost Relics and Call to arms DLCs. I am unable to download the DLCs. Call to Arms is free, so I can download it separately, but not Lost Relics, the interface wants me to pay. When I launch Judgment, VIP pass is recognized, I have access to VIP skins and gamemodes, but nothing downloads and I do not have access to Lost Relics maps/skins. I tried it on X360 and I have the same issue. Is there a way to fix this?

Not too sure, just checked and all my VIP stuff works but I bought when game released and was active. Hopefully you can sort it out👍

I just loaded up mine too. Had some issues purchasing some items I did not have. Some weapon skins I could, others came up with errors. So maybe some links are broken? Doubtful it will be fixed now considering it’s almost 10 years old. While I had the game on, played a game of Survival with bots. It was quite fun.

Are you playing on Xbox One or Xbox Series. Just look at the game and press the select button or whatever it’s called to update your game with stuff you own

If you mean manage game and add-ons, there’s nothing in there except VIP pass.