Gears judgement

Right. You had to use the guns the class started with. There were no weapon drops in Survival mode.

Judgment was an alright game. Nothing extremely bad but nothing extremely good either.

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Judgment. It’s Judgment.

Anyway, hate the game. Heresy. Completely ignored it and stuck with Gears of War 3. The reasons as to why have already already been covered above in Koty’s post.

Thank you

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You forgot the best thing about Judgement

Epic really worked harder on that rather than making her a memorable character.

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I dont really look at the female characters like that lol I will gawk at Paduk though


I dont either but I mean…

They put effort into Paduk and Loomis… they could’ve done the same with her.

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Brilliant map for domination mode.

Still my favourite gears. Nothing as satisfying as watching a Vet gnasher player try to close you down from 20 metres away while you lancer them to pieces.

I think iirc you started with 2 grenades to begin with. That was carnage. It was flawed but fair play to epic for trying as they knew the gnasher game was sending the game in one direction, a slow painful death.

Some of my favourite maps are in judgement.

Oh yeah I completely forgot you spawned with inks/frags in that game. Another reason the versus wasnt fun lol

To my knowledge all the creative decisions were made by People Can Fly. Epic just cleared them and provided the Gears 3 engine and some assistance. PCF were responsible for all the deviations from Gears 1-3’s gameplay and controls.

Please tc bring this little thing back for gears 6 pve, it was great in concept and in operation but it was so insipid for being an exclusive campaign weapon, something that people do not usually replay so much if you are not a speedruner or something, and even with that there were even so many sections where it appeared, I remember it in the accident area, the streets of halvo bay, onyx point, elliott’s mansion and an unnoticed appearance when you leave the court, in pve it would be more enjoyable, let alone if they decide to put it cards that buff it

Because they cared about Paduk, People can fly wanted to include this realy bad ■■■ cynical eastern european millitary type in there. It was important for them to get Paduk right, so then they nearly copied him for Outriders.

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Agree with most of this.


  • Control scheme. If I recall correctly, in every other Gears game you could have 2 primary weapons (Lancer/Gnasher) and another slot for your pistol and grenades on the D-pad. Not in J, the pistol took up a primary slot. I don’t recall if grenades did too. I haven’t really touched J since I unlocked everything.
  • Introduction of RNG packs. This was the beginning of the slide into micro-transaction packs. Apparently this was bad enough that I’d blocked it from my memory until someone reminded me of it. While it was cosmetics and not everyone cared, if you wanted to earn all the achievements then you needed to get some Gold weapons skins and guess how you got those.
  • Not necessarily a con, just didn’t know where to put it. Probably the easiest Seriously achievement until Seriously 5.1.
  • COG vs COG in PvP. Like others have said, in the heat of things you may not have noticed if that Cole had a slightly Red or Blue outline, so you didn’t know if he was on your team or not. This was poor game design.


  • Fan service characters. I think this may have been J’s biggest saving grace for me. Seeing extended universe characters like Alex Brand in the game for the first time was a huge plus.
  • Declassified missions. Interesting concept, modifiers actually made some of the chapters easier on Insane.
  • Tons of Easter Eggs, and good ones. Epic Reaper anyone?
  • Aftermath

In conclusion, others have summarized most of the big points already, these were just some of mine that I either didn’t see listed yet or I wanted to emphasize. J wasn’t a bad game, it just didn’t stack up to 3. Still ranks near the bottom of my list of Gears games.

Judgment is underrated. Its really the only Gears game that tried something different and actually tries to change the formula. It earns my respect for that.

It has the biggest amount of loadout options for MP, which is funny considering where Gears 5 ends up in loadout options.

The story is decent and offers a lot of replay value with Declassified missions, only Gears 3 can really compare.

Overrun is a cool mode that people still want back today. Still has a lot of potential as a mode.

I think if Judgment was to be released today it would be met more positively than it did in 2013.


2013 was definitely too soon, I think Judgement shouldve been released as a next gen gears game instead of it being the last (last gen 360 game).

I think that just like all of the Gears games, the single player is loads of fun, and I go back to play it consistently like all of the others.

I played a little bit of pvp and…

May it rest.


And ■■■■■■■ stay gone.

Gears 5 pvp sucks something fierce if you ask me, but Judgment’s makes it look like a damn masterpiece.

PVE mode was pretty decent. Not something I’ve played loads of admittedly.

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Awful game the main problem there was no pistol or smoke and they got rid of the D-pad changing weapon you have to press Y like cod ew… that game was a mess online, the only good thing was the campaign it wasn’t that bad playing as Baird it was good

Horrible marketing from top to bottom, a reduction in content from Gow3 and it was the laggiest GoW ever created. The actual gameplay is closer to what we have now than Gow3 is — the gameplay was fun, it was literally everything else.


Did they not market Judgement?

I mean kind of, but nowhere near what was done for other games.


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