Gears judgement vs gears 5

So imo judgement was by far the worst gears ever …only title i never bought played it and when i saw there wasnt locus or swarm in multiplayer it was the first big flaw of many. But seems alot of players here think its better then 5 how so?

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In my opinion Gears Judgment had a great campaign. Colonel Loomis was an awesome character. Most people have issues with Judgment because of the multiplayer. I agree the multiplayer in Judgment is the worst in the series, but I think Judgment’s campaign is better than 5’s.

So basically
Campaign: J>5
Multiplayer J<5


Gears judgement is the worst gears game by a mile. People are just raw about 5 at the moment but it’s still better than judgement. It’s the only gears of war game that I didn’t really like. And I totally disagree about the campaign. Admittedly judgements campaign wasn’t bad(probably the best thing about it and overrun was ok) but I actually thought gears 5 campaign was the best campaign entry since 3. Visually it was stunning and I actually enjoyed playing a campaign for the first time since 3 rather than just running through to get to the pvp like I had done with judgement and 4

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I enjoyed the campaign for judgement but I hated the gears of duty control design also liked the declassified missions option thought that was kind of a neat twist never played the mp though liked the story dlc to but didn’t make any sense how there were Ragers still around meanwhile we never encountered them at all over the course of Gears 1-3 thought they should have left them out of the story dlc. Also liked that you could use a lancer with the boomsheild. Overall I enjoy 5 more than judgement in respect to story and mp modes but I mostly play horde & escape in 5 for mp. As to your question of how so it just comes down to personal preference I guess.

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Curtosy of the Judgment defender.

Anyway, I legitimately enjoyed Judgment. I had a ton of fun with it and never once did I really feel frustrated. The campaign was solid and I really liked the declassified missions. Survival and Overrun were great new additions to the game and I really did enjoy Overrun a lot. Yes, there were some issues with the multiplayer and the lack of locust was a strange choice. However, my experience overall wasn’t destroyed by this. I loved Free For All and I do hope it makes a comeback.
Also, there were some neat maps that worked well and the Reaper easter egg was really sweet. I’ll always think fondly of Judgment, and while the controls scheme took some getting used to it still felt like a Gears game.

As it stands Gears 5, for me, is the most unpolished of the series and I’ve felt more frustration with this game than any of the previous entries. The campaign, while good, is still not the best or the greatest. Visually it is impressive, but technically it has been a wreck and is the only campaign I couldn’t get through in one sitting or grab all the collectibles for. I’m still sitting at about 75% or so due to bugs, errors, and glitches.

So yes, in this case Judgment as an overall package is better than G5 in my opinion. And no, this is not because of G5 making me madder than Judgment. I legitimately enjoyed and really liked Judgment and wished that it wouldn’t have got the hate it didn’t deserve. To me, it’s not the black sheep of the Gears family and I happily accept it as an entry into the franchise.


Agree about Judgment, I loved that game. I played the ■■■■ out of it. 14,000+ multiplayer matches. Once they gave everyone two starting weapons, the game was so much better, but by then, a lot of people had moved on. All that game needed was more maps.

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Fun campaign but weird controls and bad multiplayer.

By far the worst Gears. Gears 5 has its hare of issues but its miles better.


The multiplayer on judgement was terrible-it didn’t just have some issues it was like a completely different pvp game and it was a disaster. It was as if they had tried tocombine gears of war and call of duty and it was a mess. Overrrun was ok I admit and the campaign was ok but that was about it. survival mode instead of horde must have been one of the dumbest changes in a game ever. I have to add that even though I thought the campaign was alright I definitely remember that generally critics thought the campaign was weak with the last boss in particular being considered one of the worst things in the entire series. I will say I’m surprised TC never had their own version of overrun on 4 or 5 as it was about the only new thing added in judgement that that looked decent. Thankfully nearly everything added by the creators of judgement was scrapped by TC for 4…

Gears 5 is far worse in terms of optimization and bugs.

But Judgment still holds the title for worst Gears game. Everything about that game was awful. No DBNO, Red cog vs Blue cog, lame story with a boring final boss, and the arcade aspect of the campaign. The aftermath part of the campaign and the Gears reaper easter egg in MP were the only good parts.

I liked the Judgment campaign but I didn’t like the survival mode that replaced horde.
I enjoyed overrun mode, though.
Never played the multiplayer so I don’t have an opinion on that.

I hate the campaign because there’s just little cracks in the lore that bug me to hell.

How to summon OnyxCrimsonBlur

Step1: Criticize Judgment

That’s it. lol

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There are other ways to summon me, but smacking on Judgment with wrongful hate will get me to appear. :wink:


I’m on the fence. Cannot decide, both are poor imo.

I prefer the weapon tuning in Judgment compared to all other Gears games, mainly because you didn’t have to balance around actives and such.

Overrun was a great mode as well that deserves another shot.

But I definitely prefer 5 over Judgment.

I don’t know. Ive been part of this community for a long time, and never have I seen so many hardcore fans simply walk away from the series.

A lot of people didn’t like Judgment so they just went back to Gears of War 3 (like myself) and never looked back because it still had some resemblance of what Gears of War was. This is not the case for Gears 5. though - people are giving up. My F/L is made up almost entirely of people from the Epic Games forums and old school players, yet it seems like no one is ever playing Gears 4 or 5 anymore. It’s quite sad to see actually.

Like, one game was so bad everyone went back to the old one. The other is so bad people have just given up on the franchise due to the direction The Coalition has been taking it.

Both games have their faults that make em unbearable, but the main issue they share is moving way too far from that old school feel and play style we all grew up loving.

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I liked judgment personally, good campaign plus overun and survival were awesome. Quick grenade throws were good although it did change the feel of weapon selection, that bugged diehard gears 3 players i’m sure. Iawait the hate…

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I stated in another thread that Gears 5 has not catered to it’s old school fans I stand by that too, despite not being one, I’m a fan but not as hardcore as some, and Gears 5 is definitely targetting the casuals, in my humble opinion. I still think both games are bad though, 50 / 50, one makes up for the others shortcomings.

Didn’t play Judgement says a lot about you.
But it had a lot of great things…
Jumping over any ledge & the stim grenade (which would be awesome for Horde (GoW4 Horde, not the unplayable trash they have in #5)).
Other than the red Cog VS blue Cog, Judgement is definitely a supppior game.

People whinge about the controls, but what was the difference? Use the otherwise pointless Y button to change weapons, so what, Gears makes you hold the reload button to chainsaw!!! That seems more f**ked up to me & yet just as easy to adapt to… & yet…
Gears 5 is & always will be the worst Gears of War inspired game ever. (given I’ve never bothered with Gears Pop).