Gears Judgement Chivo's


I am going back and working on GOW Judgement and then 3 chivos.

I am just about done with what i can get on judgment, but i am trying to play the campaign on Insane on the chapters i missed…When i load a chapter or select a chapter and play it on insane its not showing im my awards and stats.

Anyone know why or can offer advice?

how is this helpful?


Did you finish the declassified missions as well?

no i have insane campigan, all stars on insane and decassified on insane. the trificta

Someone else in the game with a different difficulty? Have you tried a new savegame?

no thats next but i have 4 or 5 insane completed from a while back was hoping not to play those over.

I also need a partner for a few others as i can not do them with a second controller.

Judgments Insane isn’t that bad when cheesed. The D-Day part can be cancer, but even Karn is a pushover.

I do know though, that Insane-progress is invalid if you have a casual/hardcore-player present when you move on to the next chapter.

yeah i have not tried that. i did stright up but if i plan to do all three at the same time i cheese it with a guest casual.

It isn’t. They just are desperate for attention. Pay them no mind.


thanks, I figured it out last night.