Gears is very fun game

I get it. Gears 5 is not perfect and people
Seem to rip it apart. But at its core gears 5 gameplay is extremely smooth and fun and a lot of other games struggle to hit this level of fluid fun gameplay. I play a lot of other games and while some are really good nothing can match the way gears 5 plays. Just how good the graphics are with how well the game runs and plays is a feat on its own. Some games struggle even at 30fps with much worse graphics. Just an opinion


The levels of sarcasm here is unreal (no pun intended).


Very fun indeed

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Seriously, it is a good game. I would even say massively underrated. I wish it would’ve been this great a launch, and they marketed it better. That e3 showing was awful. The launch was awful.

Would’ve gained a lot of following. Streamers were trying it out. But so many things were broken. Not enough content ect ect.

It is a very smooth game. you really notice it when u go back to gears 4. The issue is what revolves around that smooth gameplay.

-The limited amount of modes in ranked
-TDM being squads of 2
-Ranking system is too easy
-Net code is bad
-changing the game to 4v4 after more than a decade of it being 5v5
-the maps being designed for 5v5 no 4v4
-no more active reload boost for loadout weapons
-the knife lunge
-constant tuning changes (drastic)
-and more

but dont get me wrong, gears is my favorite franchise and my main game is gears 5. despite how i feel I always encourage people to play because the core of the game is great!
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I played Deadspace 2 PvP & it’s servers are 1,000x better & it’s way more complicated than 5.

Literally can have a creature walk upside down spaceship walls.

I was sincerely amazed & in awe how servers can handle so much yet maintain no lag.

With a full party of 8 players, surprisingly, while Ai is spawned.

Real integrity servers.

Gears especially since I’ve got the new Xbox feels unbelievable, I played the likes of CoD Cold War and they’re light years away from the fluidity that gears has so major props there.

Looks fantastic too, as they always have

I know it’s not being biased either as when I’ve got my strictly hardcore cod mates on for a try out they even said this feels brilliant, they’re just ■■■■ at it due to actually needing to use your brain on gears :rofl::rofl: