Gears is starting to suck

i was playing guardian and for 9 mins was leader and then get kicked for staying still, what a crock of ■■■■, gears needs to fix this, or get rid of it, it don’t work i go to pee and get kicked some people are in a game the whole time and don’t get kicked whats up with that, gears. lets start to do something about that. and why does so many games get dissolved thats like a real pain in the butt. if gears 5 is anything like gears 4 STOP cause it sucks, judgement is better than gears 4. and in gears 5 DON’T say were getting new maps and then revised them i get a season pass i want new stuff not reissued crap. these are things you need to work on, and if you get kicked from the game cause someones ping is out of this world why gears do we have to be suspended if we get kicked cause of there ping , hope you fix all this crap before you even think about gears 5.


I think I was in a match with you when that happened to me a while back. See you all the time in guardian. Were you in social or core?
I believe in social you can get kicked for sitting still, I don’t think it happens in core.

This ranking system is garbage. I win 9 games straight, end positive, and I don’t go up 1%.
Then I lose a match and go down 4%.
Winning doesn’t even feel like winning.
Just do a Gears 3 Remaster already so I can play a good game.

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I think this game started to suck a long time ago.

How is removing melee from OSOK a bad thing?

Don’t play the game then if it ‘sucks’.

Game was never good so couldn’t really suck.

no it was in core never play social

Odd that it happened in core. I have only had it happen in social .