Gears is so much fun I love it 😀

Let’s talk about keegan ability in hold. They took 50% of it away. So if ur lvl 6 it’s 2sec.

I love it’s alot more fun :grin::nauseated_face::face_vomiting:

Happy for you!


Sounds like a severe case of git gud. See a doctor as soon as possible.


Oh no. How will you ever complete overload now lol

Also couldve swore you made a rage post earlier saying you’re Uninstalling gears.


Base duration was 15s. With level 6 resupply duration it was like 24s — which was super long. Now they took the 50% duration extension they added in Op4, so now it’s 16s with level 6 resupply duration. 8 seconds less will be noticeable.

A minor nerf but if that’s affecting you that much, you just need to adapt and play better. 16s is plenty to knock out most of the wave anyways. Or you can keep complaining idc lol

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Careful now! Apparently he doesn’t complain - he speaks the truth! :smiley:


Trolls…haters…clowns. let me know if you have something worth reading to say.
An go check Twitter. I’m not the only one speaking facts bout this game. Bleedingpepper (nice name) are you even any good at gears? Or do you just troll the forums?:rofl:

We’ve played together before back in the GOW4 days. You were actually on my friends list until a few months ago, but then you joined my lobby/game and started giving all this attitude and accusing me of whining on the forums (completely unprovoked), so I unfriended you, blocked and kicked you. That was also the first time in a long time since we had any interactions.

Like I said, I found it odd that you thought that all I did was whinge on the forums cos pretty much all of your posts are whinging about one thing or another. So it’s okay when you whinge, but not when other people do it?

Secondly what does ability have to do with anything? I’m a PVE player. Probably spend about 90% of my time on Horde or Escape. My stats speak for themselves. I’ve mastered all Hives, each one at least 15 times, and some as many as 40-50+.

Also for the record, I like to troll you. Because you never really have anything worthwhile to say (ironically). When people even slightly disagree with you, you start giving attitude. Think of it as me giving it back. If people are nice and civil, then I’m nice and civil back. But kitty also has claws. :wink:

Anyway didn’t you say you were going to uninstall/delete GOW5? If you’re having trouble I’m happy to walk you through it.


Classic! :joy::joy:

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I never did anything to you.


Hey Mr bleedingpepper,
Do you even play the game my man? Or do you just troll the forums waiting to make comments. Let’s 1v1 or just shut up thanks. #clowingpepper

Also go read a few tweets about the game.

You always provoke people Clown.

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Ahahaha! Brilliant. Is this how you settle all disagreements in life? “Alimony? I’ll 1 vs 1 you at Gears to decide who keeps the house!” You are truly the gift that keeps on giving! :smiley:

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What has it been 45sec an their you are right at. You need a life my man. An what am I supposed to do just keep going back an for with you. So did you do what I said…have you gone an read anything on Twitter… all the happy fans.

An what does that have to do with all disagreements in life… that’s how any one solves anything on gears…hello welcome to gears. Oh wait you don’t play you just troll forums that’s right.

to be fair you asked him to do a 1v1 with you… what is this, 2007? we are still doing 1v1s on Canals?

I suppose you don’t have to keep going back and forth with this conversation.

But it would make me (and maybe some other people?) very happy if you did.

It’s up to you I guess.

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Haha like I said you BOTH must not have played this game. Get real. :v::vulcan_salute:

I don’t understand what this means… “you both must not at this game”?

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I got a migraine trying to read that sentence lol

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