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Gears Is Officially Dead

The Graphics look More Cartoony (Fornite) almost… They Overpowered the Lancers… Even get a Headshot… Gnasher shots are reduce… You cant clutch no more… I went back and played Gears 4 and it seems like its the IMPROVED Verison Graphics Gameplay! Smh… You Guys FAiLED Your True Fans!!!


if u think im not a true fan, ur wrong. dont speak for everyone…

you’re a ■■■■■■■, i dont like all the changes, nor is gears 4 my favorite in the franchise as example, the games from epic are as thats where i had the most fun in the series for numerous reasons from each of the games. with the exception of J cause that game is not even worth 1/10., I have ■■■■ talked the crap out of J as it has very little going for it. get off my nutz. n stop making claims that make ur argument totalyl worthless. you dont speak for me but you can keep trying.

I have vouched for many people on here as I do not like arcade mode very much. i could maybe play it 10% (if that) but 90% of the time, i would easily and always prefer traditional gears ranked if presented with the two.

you can speak ur mind, but dont speak it for everyone.

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LOL - anyone who disagrees with you is a “keyboard warrior”. Jesus wept lad.

And proclaiming anything as being “official” is just silly. This is like when tabloid writers say things like “some might say…” in an article, when what they actually mean is “this is my opinion and I want you to believe that I’m speaking on behalf of the masses”. When you start proclaiming things to be “official”, what you’re really doing is overstating your own importance and influence in the world.

Whatever your criticisms of GOW5 are based on the Tech Test, be proportionate and be sensible. This kinda nonsense approach gets you nowhere.


Thanks for joining the forums and making a useless thread. Great job.


Closing unconstructive thread…