Gears is now jetpack call of duty

It was the case in gears 4 and it currently has returned to that. We all loved Gears 3 due to viable play styles, not necessarily because it was fast as heck. That is why it is generally loved.

So do all the lovers of Gears 1-3 not have a problem with the current state of the game? Every “og” seems to want the darker theme back, the announcers, the gore, etc - everything is loved except the core freaking gameplay of the past?

We all love the baiting, up a, boosts, and holding shots gears that we have now? What happened to the mental game that gears used to be?

Please read the following with an open mind. It isn’t just fast vs slow or about hitting shots.

They spent an entire development cycle pushing X to get away from Y and now are returning to Y with a movement roadmap to be released soon? Huh?

What happened to the tunes they were singing before release and during initial period? Don’t eliminate bouncing and movement, but balance it just like the rifle play. What is so tough about that?

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Game needs to be faster.

Zoom zoooooooom


I have played gears since 1. I dont think its overly fast. My only major complaint with this game is the lousey inconsistent hit detection along with the random range of the gnasher from player to player. Personally I think it’s in a good place, not too fast and not too slow. I really dont see the reason for the out cry, it isnt game breaking by any means. If our shots could actually connect I think that people would finally see it’s not that bad and I say that even if you use a lancer. There are several times I’m shooting a player with the lancer for a good two to three seconds and I dont start seeing hit markers until after that. I think people assume they are missing shots because of movement when they aren’t registering which makes the movement seem like its “too fast” because where you would have hit them the game only took a fraction of the shots into account. I play with every weapon with the exception of the embar and over kill. (Hate those weapons) and hit detection is wonky with all of them. Hit direct shots with boltok, sniper, markza and it says I never hit them. Same goes with drop shot, grenades and boom as they casually stroll through the explosion. It’s not movement speed it’s the horrible netcode at play.

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