Gears is... Movin on up

Real quick? It’s been a month and doesnt show any signs of slowing down.

Why cant some of you accept that Operation 3 is actually solid?


Gears for me is like a abusive relationship. I keep coming back for more. My real life buddies asked me today to get on modern warfare. These were real true Gear head’s at one point. There is nothing I can do to convince them. I truly hope TC’s new Ranking system is legit and I hope they iron out the bugs. It’s just crazy they won’t touch 5. It’s not that bad but I do understand why.

OP 3 is solid, my son loves it, but it’s dropping fast again. It was up to 28th here in the UK just after OP 3 dropped, but it’s back down to 36th already.

It’s right beside Farming Sim 2019 as I type this. It is obviously slowing down here, cannot comment on USA though.

What’s solid about op 3? The gnasher is trash now, online is still unplayable, and gridiron is just a spiced up execution. Player numbers will drop watch. If not for the lack of new content the online play will drive them away. Gears sucks.