Gears is... Movin on up

Number 37… At least i think it’s moving up.

I’m enjoying it much more lately.


It’s a combination of many things:

#1 - Operation 3 is actually really good. People are happy to see the return of Cole, Carmine, Myrrah, etc. Tour of Duty is significantly improved and the rewards are good overall. And let’s not forget the Batista Bomb!!
#2 - Gridiron is a smash hit. Plain and simple. The best new mode we’ve seen in years.
#3 - People are quarantined which more than likely boosted this game’s activity.

So yeah it’s a combination of things, but either way it’s moving up and it’s a great sign. Hopefully TC can continue this momentum into Operation 4.



It was almost out of the top 50 at one point, so yeah 37 is a pretty big jump.

Yikes. I didn’t know it went down that far. Last I heard it was 37.
With the pandemic having people at home, I think multiplayer games are coming out on top since people are starved for some kind of companionship.

Well with this new rank band aid you can play terrible, horrendous, straight score 100 (koth)points in a match and if your on the bottom and your team wins you’ll get a 1600 point rank boost. Some mention it’s a glitch idk. But you can beast on opposite team outscore everyone by thousands have 2 Quitters and be the real MVP and get nothing but a Hugh FAT xxx PENALTY. Can’t forget you can actually gain points and under skill points you’ll have a red arrow pointing down. Deranking the whole time while having positive gain’s. This was all done because TC wanted you to feel good when you win even if you played bad. I was happy just to not lose points with a win when I played bad. Everyone gets rank points for participating now if you win. In some cases major points.

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That’s a big problem I always had, ranking not weighted on individual skill. I don’t mind losing when I know I was the best in the lobby, but punishing me for bad matchmaking??..
They tried performance based ranking and I was exited, but then they got so many, “Why do I rank down on a win?!” complaints that they reverted. Shame.


It was up to 28th here in the UK, but it’s dropping again.

#3 for sure. I actually jumped on and ran through insane with Red ol’ boy here twice actually for achievements and to help him. Probably gonna jump on Horde with him and Escape too which is surprising.

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I think you need to get your eyes treated. Gears 5 is going up ? Lmfao, you are funny man.

Too bad they released one of the worst maps in years and now have a gaping hole to fill with flashbangs…

This operation is a bit better yes but my god are they missing out on its true potential.

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They must be if they’re turning to Gears 5.


People being quarantined has no effect on it as they could just as easily be playing other games also yet they are choosing Gears 5 instead. Obviously this is because of Operation 3 and while the members here in the forum will whine incessantly about the game, overall, most people enjoy it.

Gaming forums have always been toxic but Gears forums have traditionally been one of, if not the worst place.


I so laughed at this.

I always forget the typical Gears player is either a young bachelor or lives in their mom’s basement.

When you get older and married with kids, sometimes you want to play to get away from all the “companionship”. :wink:


If they fix the input lag. Id be happy. Becsuse we all know they aent speeding this slow af game back up now.

Tc had the nerve to say " the majority like the slower movement"

A simple poll would say other wise.

Ha! You nailed it with this one. Since the little one came along my Xbox has became little more than a beautiful ornament.

It’s just as well it’s white and goes with the rest of the room :joy:



lol yeah man sometimes i get an average game. like nothing special maybe place 3rd out of 10 players, win by 2-1. BOOM 1600 points in masters

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Yep most that whine play the game everyday probably

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Nah this game sucks. Online is border line unplayable. Ops 3 will lose its appeal real quick then this game will drop again. I mean seriously why do we waste money and continue to play a game that doesn’t care about it’s consumer’s. #gearssucks

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