Gears is Evolving

Ffa a cod mode crazy…your right split a small/smaller playerbase even further…this update brought nothing to the table for me personally🤔


It doesn’t matter if it’s requested… it was never a huge game mode. And it’s the 34th played game on Xbox. Then split the community from arcade, horde, reg vs, and FFA…recipe for disaster and it’s so obvious.


I think disaster arrived bout 3 months ago…shop is open and working just fine though :rofl:


Why do I keep seeing folks saying this? Yesterday I read a few posts claiming that TC is 'too focused" on PVP and Horde is left in the dust. Now this, saying that both versus and Horde are being ignored.

I am not trying to argue, I am looking for legitimate conversation on this. Why do so many people feel that certain modes are being ignored? From my perspective Operation 2 seems to be fairly balanced, especially with five new hero’s entering the player pool, the meta is going to change big time.

Gotta love the optimism :grin:

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I agree. OP 2 was fairly balanced. I mostly created the thread over the number of people that complained we only got 2 ranked and horde maps, one of which is a rehash. That is a small number of maps. Too small maybe for this point in the game, but that’s not where TC is focused.

I love the addition of a true lone wolf mode. Never really played 2 v 2, but I know it was fairly popular.

Yeah, I also found it a bit odd that people are saying that they ignored horde. They’re getting a ton of new chars to play around with, Fahz is getting reworked, and they’re getting the same amount of maps as traditional versus. What else did they want?


New modes? More maps?

New modes for horde? Don’t know how that would work but sure I’m listening.

I agree, but then we can say versus was ignored too because the better part of versus players are still going to play things like KotH and TDM, yet they only get access to two maps, just like horde.

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Again. I am happy with OP 2.

Horde needs a 20 wave variant.

The small number of maps had most people upset. My point is that’s not TC’s focus.

I like Gears 5 horde, but there’s not a lot of variety right now. Horde lite, monster mash, etc.

That’s cool, I’m 60/40 on it as it stands now.

Agreed, and they’re working on “horde lite” in case you weren’t aware.

Yep, it’s what’s got me the most upset about OP2 as well. The fact that we’re getting only two universal maps, one of them being one of the worst maps in 4, is a load of crap.

Still, I find that OP2’s focus on horde is adequate enough tbh, for the reasons I mentioned in my other post.


Thanks. Didn’t know a 20 wave was in the works.

There was a tremendous amount of work put into FFA. Horde shortened to 20 waves couldn’t be completed at this time? I’m not a programmer, but that seems to be very little work comparatively.

That’s why I say the game is evolving, if only through prioritization.

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Probably depends on what aspect of each people were expecting/hoping for, ie horde lite but got new characters instead, more maps but got FFA instead, etc. Taking a step back and looking at the whole picture, I agree it does look pretty balanced.

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That’s my thought on things as well. 2v2 and FFA are pretty much all I will play. I can hold my own in a FFA and I can carry one random if I have to in 2v2.

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I think people fed up with quitters in ranked will quickly migrate to FFA. Probably will be the third most popular mode behind KOTH and TDM.

Forced evolution never should be the solution. If this is what gaming has been turned into then I’d rather see a game die than lose its soul for the sake of profit.


They went to far? I´ve been playing Gears since 2011 and the only thing that truly shook things up a bit was Campaign.
Where are these radical changes everybody is talking about? Gears 5 problem is, that it´s basically Gears 4 with some minor changes. I personally don´t mind that. I like Gears core gameplay. But the casual crowd? I don´t know where you get these opinions but the casual crowd is not playing Gears 5, because Gears 5 is essentially still the same game as Gears 1 from 2006.

Wait, it was not a huge game mode but at the same time it was requested?
First of all, we never had true Gears Free 4 All. (Judgement played more like a COD)
Second, it was requested by lots of people. I´ve seen requests for FFA regualry on these forums and other places.

Correct it didn’t work. the results have been disastrous, I mean if the game went great they wouldn’t even bothered to contact us on the forums.

Correct, they shouldn’t then add those modes if they are not gonna put the mental muscle to develop them… they would have save themselves a lot of bad critics … :smile:

They tried that… again didn’t work. making a game focused on Fortnite players and apex legends didn’t came out well… the equation didnt bring up the numbers they like.

Its not a matter of " evolving per se " , its a matter wether you create a good game and make money, or create a hot garbage drip milking game and not having a cent from us. PERIOD.


game focused on Apex and Fortnite players lol. Ok, where can I find the Battle Royale Mode?
I can´t find it in the Versus menu.