Gears is Evolving

Whether you agree or disagree there is no doubt that TC is trying to evolve this game. The focus on ranked versus (or lack there of), makes is clearer than ever that TC is more focused on Escape and arcade type modes than than core versus and horde experience. While I’d personally like to see more love thrown toward the “older crowd” and directed at the “main” modes, maybe it’s time for Gears to evolve before it dies. The old argument that it’s a niche game is only a death sentence for the franchise. While we aren’t privy to the data, surely TC knows the numbers or the meta of what’s popular and viable, and they are following the data with Operation 2. We have Gears 1-4 and Judgment to play already. Let Gears evolve.

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Not sure why peeps keep mentioning …the old crowd / vets ect…simply put gears is a niche game that plays a certain way… if their just going to cater to every man and his dog…then simply call it a day…gears 5 proves that …they went after the casual crowd…they are now gone…the gears community or whats left…are now picking through the mess tc created…cod/halo/fortnite ect they dont try to be gears…so what if its a smaller playerbase…make a gears game and financially it would be supported…but they didn’t :roll_eyes:


I get that, but that crowd is too small to continually make triple AAA games. Evolve or die is the new moto.

I get that…i appreciate some change/new ideas…they simply went to far…
The response to this game speaks for itself…keep the gears ideology n tweak it a bit…greed and radical changes to all aspects of the game didn’t work.


I was thinking the same thing recently but if they’re going to go balls to the wall with changes for new era Gears, I at least want my gears 3 remaster with freeze glitch gone and retro out of starting loadouts.

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Greed yes. Did the changes alienate people? I would guess it keeps more people playing than not. Even the chronic complainers here never really quit. Sure TC has the data and monitors it closely.

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To some degree they have alienated players…the ones they had already…i think most who have stuck with it are hoping it will get better…personally i see regression with the game and what they’ve tried to do…but i appreciate peeps like it aswell…but theres no way they have a bigger playerbase than what they had…empty lobbies/bot filled speaks volumes.


No bots in ranked. Horde matches abound. Arcade has bots, but is designed that way. Feels healthy to me.

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With the way the matchmaking is in this game, I think I’d rather play FFA and 2v2 exclusively (easy to get one friend to play) so I don’t have my rank suffer from terrible teams.

Being in control of your own ranked destiny is important. So yeah, I consider these two as an evolution in a sense.


Agree. That’s how TC is changing the meta. FFA will be a popular mode.

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Im glad you think the game is in a healthy state…its all about opinions after all…lets hope theres some fixes that peeps are asking for…although im fairly sure its only verses their trying to restore…horde pretty much been binned off…as it is.

Well, that’s all fine and dandy OP, but all they’ll end up doing is kill the franchise lot quicker if they choose to let go of the “older crowd” and try to cater to the non-existent “younger crowd”.

Fine by me I guess, I personally want them to finish up the story with 6 and let the franchise die.


I’ve noticed it too. Been one of the few that championed Gears 4 for a long time through the constant updates and fixes. Defended TC through all the complaints and things. I played Gears 4 for about a hear and a half before I finally started trailing off, but kept coming back here and there for a few matches with friends.

WIth Gears 5, i’m pretty much done 3 months out. Call it stress, call it fatigue, but the annoyances in this version of the Multiplayer is horrible. Ranked VS and KOTH have too many inconsistencies. For someone with a ping of 15-20 to get lag issues and unregistered shots …that’s abysmal. Gears 4 was fine, hell even Gears 5 beta was good.

Gears 5, in it’s state right now seems to be worse. Maybe the “Dedicated Servers” are on the moon now? I don’t know.


CoD tryied too evolve. And now it is back to its roots again.


It’s looking like 343 will be taking Halo back to its roots too.

I don’t see Gears evolving at all. It’s just becoming like any other shooter out there. TC simply lack creativity.

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They just need to hit the breaks on the heros vs villians stuff.

WoW did it too. Seems like Diablo 4 is going the same route. Even if they seem stuck on the itemisation rather then character building with help of different items.

They forget to see why people quit playing and why people continue. They are only looking for fresh players. Not thinking of new players can include people that stopped playing for reasons.

You really believe Operation 2 is a result of what the fans have been wanting and not just drip fed content that was already on the disc?

Oh, my sweet summer child.


I really don’t/didn’t want the franchise to die…but the fact it now doesn’t cater to its core players (old folks or not)…it seems logical to call it day…
Simply because its not “gears of war”…its now " gears of what the ■■■ ever they can get their hands on"…:roll_eyes:


They’re moving forward with free for all which is the wrong way to go IMO. 1 map for reg vs. IMO they don’t know what they’re doing. Very very little amount of gears players will play FFA. It was never a huge game mode. And then after that what else is there?

Also they need to stop making rehashed maps from g4. I just can’t believe we’re getting Lift and that that is one of the maps for reg vs. and further splitting what little of the community we have left into ffa and reg vs and horde. It’s incredibly stupid.


FFA was widely requested when 4 was new. Wingman too. Bet we see wingman in op 3.