Gears is dying please help

I know he has done awesome with 3. But my god the knife and camping is done. GIVE US GNASHER VS GNASHER WITH A COMPLETE CAMPAIGN!!! Only camping prevails is ■■■■■■■■. ■■■■ 5


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Can I also adds What ?


When you thought the label said 12.5mg THC but it actually said 125.


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This game is terrible. Agree.


Your ability to make sense has died.

I also want to know whooooooooooooooooooo

im sorry I didn’t understand what you said. :thinking:

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Give us Locust in horde and escape, please anyone

I take it you failed English.

I’m guessing this is the result of google translate… Assuming “he” = “TC” (or maybe “Ryan” :slight_smile: )

Poor Ryan, a lot of people are angry at him… I wouldnt want to be a TC DEV at this point.

I rather work for NASA @Omen_LP


He even stopped replying to twitter, recently, saying he had to take care of some personal things…

I have no way of knowing that’s happening at TC, of course, but what it LOOKS LIKE is they completely gave up on any community interaction… Which is kinda understandable, it was a constant stream of people telling them how they hate their product, but honestly, who’s to blame for that :slight_smile: ? If so many people are loving the game, where are they? Other than a handful of people who praise the game here, everyone else hates at least SOME aspects of it…

Yeah, not a good time to be a TC manager… I don’t blame the coders, they just code what they are told, I blame the likes of Ryan and Rod…


That’s correct man .

I really think TC won’t come back once they read all the harsh comments and angry attitudes that most of us have towards Gears 5 in general… I think at best its doubful they return again… however this whole situation could have been avoided if the game delivered the goods that customers and loyal playerbase really expect. instead well… you know the story, we where given a mickey mouse version of a GOW game.

On the other hand Microsoft its really having a good time… they just unveil the XBOX SERIES X , I’m very excited on that… definetely gonna support the console , looks sick.