Gears is dying and TC is the cause of it

TC… you guys are amateurs. Your main issue is that you create a great game that is extremely fun and then you make changes because you are afraid that casuals are getting bored. Gnasher is “broken” so you change it… in the process ACTUALLY breaking the damn mechanics… KOTH… easily the best and most xp lucrative game mode on quick match… you nerf. It barely appears and when it does its lowered to 1 round with 180 points.

Why dont you guys just learn that listening to casuals is RUINING your games. Gears 4 started off decent and you did the exact same thing. By constantly changing the game to suit a small amount of people you ruin the game for long term players. I just dont understand why you pay people to make these stupid decisions. Put me in charge of your creative team and you’ll never have another issue again.

When the game released i posted on the forums stating that you surprised me with gears 5… that NOW you had gained my trust. Now i feel like ive wasted my money on another broken game thats about as fun as watching paint dry. Truthfully, i dont believe any of your devs play these games and it shows.


Yeah I agree with you but I’m starting to feel like this is gaming nowadays for you and it’s all microtransactions and game mechanics geared towards bringing in all the kids and casuals to spend money etc. The original gears trilogy is long gone and as much as we would like things back to how it was I do not think the coalition care-they only care about£££££££££££££


It is gaming as a whole.

Get on, work your second job grinding some BS in a game, all the while it tells you to buy, buy, buy. Everything is a chore or grind.

Games sell you on “roadmaps” usually means you’re going to be waiting on the game to “get good” and full some months down the road, so no point buying it day one for full price anymore.

Devs introduce problems and things like microtransactions and then “solve” them later to seem like they’re listening to player feedback. Then they pat themselves on the back and receive praise lol.

You think the grind for characters and content in Gears 5 is so players stick around for years?


It’s to entice you to buy iron and boosts.

The absolute bolo-nades on TC to release a game with no content, then inject itself as a walking advertisement all while giving us scraps and emphasizing the need to pay real money to sidestep their own self-made grind.

The only consistant thing about TC has been their greed thus far.


All so true, and equally saddening.


I would trust literally any long-time fan on this forum to make design decisions over anyone at TC. Even if we might disagree about certain small things, at least we understand what Gears actually is at its core. Plus TC would probably save a load of money that way, which is obviously the primary thing they care about, right?

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Exactly dude… instead of listening to eSports “pros” or new players that will play the game for 6-12 months and then
leave… why don’t they listen to the fans that have been playing the damn game since 2006? It’s baffling.

Call of duty launch gonna impact player base a lot more yet

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Can’t wait for that. Hopefully it’ll be a wake-up call for them.