Gears is a team game

Every mode in gears of war is a team game. There is no I in team. So know your role and learn how to work as a team member and not just playing for yourself. I find that this has become a regular problem in this community. Noone talks anymore or calls out where the enemies are and then get mad cuz they lose. Or better yet they quit leaving their team short a person that could at least be a body in the fray to help keep the enemy on their gaurd knowing they are still dealing with a full team. I think the problem is being connected to people that others dont understand so they just quit trying. What does everyone else think?

To expect people to play in a team like manner, you would have to squad up with people.

I now have to use LFG and it works to find players, pretty much all of whom have a mic.

Then, I’ve also got my friends to call upon - this is a base I’ve built up of over the games lifespan.

You can use the forums, discord or LFG to find players who play as a team.

The very nature of online games is that you go in solo, you will get randoms who play as a solo unit.

You team up beforehand with comms and you play like a team a lot more efficiently.

I don’t think you can go in without a team and expect coordination and communication from everyone - as nice as it would be.


No I in team but there is a ME so

Its WE …oops ME :stuck_out_tongue:

My single biggest grief with this game is the lack of a team mentality from players. You shouldn’t have to squad up to expect a bit of teamwork, but sadly you do :confused:

I play solo on TDM, and I spend my whole life on this game babysitting teammates, not just to try and stop them wasting respawns, but because I care whether they do well, because they’re on my team. I didn’t think that was special, it should just be the norm, but apparently not everyone is wired that way.

If it was just that nobody outside of a squad paid attention to eachother, like in CoD or something, I could get used to it and just play that way. But I’m living proof that you can, and should care about your team and try to help them even if you don’t know them. So the fact that almost everyone I play with treats it like a solo game, and makes no effort to help me or anyone else they do know, infuriates me in a way very few other games can.

I play TDM by just pwning everybody.

Can’t waste respawns if you just beast the whole game :wink:

Shots fired! :stuck_out_tongue:

My problem is I rarely get a K/D like that because I’m risking my life to save teammates who are in danger. My team’s stats definitely improve because of me, but own K/D takes a hit.

Other people care more about their personal K/D than about their team winning, which is completely at odds with me, I guess :confused:

The best way to help others is to stay back and rifle in TDM.

That way, you are assisting them with kills and if they end up missing or dying, you’ve already got shots fired into them meaning any follow up is easier.

But I dislike TDM anyway.

I’d prefer Dodgeball which adds a fun twist or dynamic.

Or even what was suggested with TDM - everyone gets a certain amount of lives.

So 5 players with 5 lives each.

That way, I’m not penalised by not dying and someone else using up the respawns.

Or perhaps it’s still shared but one person can only die a max of 3-5 times before they are frozen out for the round.


Yeah, I do plenty of the rifling support, for sure (although if my teammate charges off into a room or round a corner or something, that ain’t always an option).

One big problem though is that most other people tend not to lend that kind of support - if I’m in a Gnasher fight and my teammate is nearby and watching, they’re more likely to try and close the distance and use their Gnasher so they can get the kill, by which time I might be dead. People putting K/D before helping their team :confused:

Oooh, I like the personal pool of lives idea! Now that’s on my wishlist for Gears 5!

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Would suggest finding better teammates…
Nothing worse than having a bunch of Gold randoms trying to 1v3 everything😂

Yeah, personal response would be great, still probably wouldn’t play it though. Hate TDM. Its just a camp fest

The Onyx and Diamond players seem just as guilty of the lack of teamwork as the Golds and Silvers. They’re just a little better at getting their own kills.

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There is an I in team… :wink:


Plus the “ranking system” dosnt help it either its team based but team based isnt “skillful” only gnashering is XD. You cant grind for the diamond stuff like you should be able to its by “skill” you get lower rank playing with a team cause your expeceted to win and communicate it should be like something you can grind for and earn instead of having to place in which makes zero sense.

Yeah, I recently had a look at my actual stats on the website a couple of times, and found that after a string of games where I actually did really well, I was somehow 10% further down my tier than before. So I’ve stopped aiming to rank up, it seems too dependent on luck factors like teammates and whether you get put in laggy games to be worth getting invested in.

What were there ranks cause the website says if they lower in rank like gold 2 if your onxy 1 for example your expected to win every round or not be killed by them like huh XD it should be something you level up or hit a milestone for not this your this rank cause of blank

I’m Onyx 3 trying to get up to Diamond. One game was against a Gold ranked Mexican clan on servers at their end, so it was laggy as hell for me. One of the only games I did badly on. We won the match but I died a faif bit. That might be why.

If they were from Mexico the servers at their end were either the East/Cental/West as those are Mexico’s default server… The problem was more than likely the god awful telecommunications infrastructure in Mexico causing the lag… :slight_smile:

I’ve played on US East and got about 80 ping. 120+ (which is what I had that game) I assume is US West. Their ping was apparently about 30-50. But the whole thing was dodgy and unplayable, whatever happened. Had to use the Enforcer just to stand a change at close range.