Gears in 4k question

Hey, does anyone have a 4k tv and bigger inch tv
I’ve just ordered a 4k 43" tv and im wondering if will be hard to play on? or get used to

I have a 4k 65" samsung. Its not harder to play on you just can’t sit as close. lol The biggest difference you should know about is it may have more input lag than you are used to unless you went super expensive.

Same. Mine made me a little motion sick at first for some reason. Doesn’t bother me now.

Yeah it’s definitely a different feel but nothing you have to work to overcome. It’s like getting used to the light when you first wake up, only it takes a few days.

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Lol at gaming on TVs.

My Sony fits my xbox just perfect.

lol at uneducated replies.

Playing on the best panel ever made but you keep yourself in the dark :+1:

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I have a new 4k HDR 58 inch and at times on MP is rough since I been playing on between 29-35 throughout the whole Gears series, but lately I have been playing better on it.

My gears like awesome in 4K not having to much difficult playing :slightly_smiling_face: