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Really glad they brought back the locust cyclops variant to pvp. Thank you TC! Can you guys give Cyclops that little god ray coming out of the eye on his helmet ??like the way it was in gears of war 2! PLEASSEE and just wanna say I really love the coalition era of gears gameplay. There is some disappointing decision making going on for sure as well. (as I see other angry posts… “please stop with the logos on the gun skins”[ I agree ] and they have flags of countries on a pay wall but pride flags are free. [guys what the hell]) But listen that’s not that big of a deal to me personally I’m just sayin…
Back to my main point! I really hate to sound like a boomer but guys the level of immersion in gears 2 was the best.(I know that the game feels clunky and atrocious just hear me out please.) Not mechanically , obviously the game didn’t age very well but just in terms of immersion and visual details: The way that the cement would chip and deteriorate a little when u got behind cover and got shot at or vice versa.The trail of smoke that bullets left in gears 2 felt more convincing and were gorgeous no matter what gun it really was beautiful. and although subtle and maybe insignificant to some I swear the detail there it holds up still to this day of current gen graphics I just played some gears 2 guardian today just for the sake of nostalgia.
And coalition I’m sure it’s too late to change now but can you please consider going back to the rag doll effects from gears of war 2?.. Now let me just say this , don’t get me wrong I want to be clear gears 2 feels horrible and didn’t age well mechanically. like I said i feel the polish that TC brought to gears 4 and 5 was an excellent step towards perfection for gears of war in my opinion. I respect almost every aspect of the physics and meta of the game now. fluidity and all the nerfing and buffing and work and care thats always going into gears I appreciate you guys for if nothing els at the very least giving gears a pulse. And for that I am greatful as a long-time fan.
But if I had one wish I would find a way to make the rag doll effects more like what they were in gears 2. Please somehow make the rag doll effects more like it used to be in Gears of war 2 I know you’ve explained why there isn’t as much gore and organs showing because it exhausted your resources but **can we please kinda go back to the grittier times just a little more. Lol… I love the executions by the way, they are brutal for sure but gears is missing a tone of grit and ambience that it used to have for example with the color pallets that gears 1 and 2 used to follow; A trend of cool blues and greys and greens and sometimes some soft reddish tones and oranges … not like the more saturated brighter colors with too much pop. that trend started with gears 3 and was something I looked at as a flaw. Thank you to whoever took the time to read my opinions I hope a lot of people feel what I’m feeling.
One last thing I loved about gears 2 was that it was more hardcore! I miss how punishing the game used to be! For example there was no infinite active reload…in fact , If you had a full clip you couldn’t push reload for a animation … you could only active reload the bullets that were being refilled. The remaining bullets in the clip don’t get the active reload effect! So basically you only had one chance to reload until the next time u have to space your clip for reloading You were also able to plant 2 bombs which led to very standoffish battles on execution and you were not allowed to see the bombs if you pushed your tactical com! would love to have a hardcore mode for people who are true masters of gears and like to play with these circumstances where there is nothing watered down or holding your hand for the sake of newcomers! or at least give us the freedom to configure it into our customs!

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Paragraphs are you friend and will probably get you more traction.

I read the first bit and agree re the helmet.:+1:


Agreed it was really painful doing this through texting on the iPhone. Next time I’ll get to a computer. Just attempted to fix it though thank you for the feedback.

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