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Gears horde is dead

Why ruin such a brilliant game mode by forcing players to play as a character they don’t want to be or a gun they don’t want to use. Thought the devs would’ve learned by gears 4 that if people have to play certain roles no one would stay to play. This is gears 4 all over again. People quit because they cant be who they want. And why can’t u buy any weapon from the fabricator. At least let us use the weapons we want to use if we are forced to play as these crappy heroes. Gears 2 and 3 had the best horde mode because no one was forced to play a style they didn’t want to. Ive been a massive gears fan since gears 1 but sorry to say you guys have royaly messed up this game. Gameplay and the feel is great but this locked character choice has to stop. Stop copying other kiddies games with heroes and crap skins and bring back gears…


You are aware that you can pick up and use any weapon, right?


Yeah of course. But ive played numerous times up to wave 30 before everyone quits and not once seen a lancer to pick up. We should be able to buy any weapon from the fabricator


Yep it’s garbage. Half as many cards, less stuff to build, no turrets. Boring.


Yeah horde got ruined and it was great in GOW 2,3, and 4 but they really screwed up in this one.

The fact they made it too much like Judgement’s Survial/OverRun modes is the problem.


Only 1 classic lancer per squad in a gears game is laughable. Locking the characters with a set load out will kill this mode.

Gears of war 4 horde i hated but being a horde lover i still played it, this though is going the way of judgement. All guns of the cog must be made available to all players to buy from the fabricator .

Quitting is rife again, (including myself), and who can blame people. Stop catering to the kiddies bring back a gritty and dark gears. This is clearly a way to extract cash from the playerbase as the TC knows our love of characters.


I think that it is obvious but how many lancers have you seen in the swarms hands.


I agree with this I am stuck playing horde solo do to this. This is a terrible idea if you ask me they should of just stuck with the class system 4 had if anything. I mean I hate that I can’t play as certain characters anymore do to this no duplication system.

I mean there has even have instances where I am able to choose a character that I want to play as but then someone in the group chooses the same character that I choose to play as, at the last second before the match starts which forces one of us to be a random character without any say in the matter.
Most of the time it ends up with me being assigned the random character, while the person who switched at the last minute gets to use the character & thing is you can’t even change the character that you were randomly given because the match started. Truthfully I have quit games because of that happening.

I don’t get the point of this the only thing I can think of on why they implemented this system, is to be like other games where each character has a unique ability or skills. It doesn’t suit gears of war if you ask me, especially in horde mode. I don’t like that I can’t play as the character I want to play as if I somehow do get the character in the selection screen there is a chance someone will do that last second character switch I mentioned above.

I am hoping they remove this terrible duplication system down the road.

Edit: Also I forgot to mention I hate how you really can’t build defenses anymore unless you play as one of the designated engineer characters or the fact only engineer characters can upgrade things.

Only pro about horde mode is that if people quit they get replaced with a bot (AI soldier) best thing ever if you ask me.


You guys can actually play horde mode? Every time the mode launches for me all I can see is my gun, can’t see other players, can’t move, can’t shoot (but I can reload and get killed by NPCs).

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Your not missing much. Its such a disappointment to what it could’ve been.


i was in a match today with 2 JD characters a guilded and a n armoured

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I’ve seen that myself. But the point im trying to get across is that we are still forced to play as a character we dont want with skills that we dont want. Gears to me is all about the characters as well as the gameplay.

Why would they put only 1 character to start with a lancer and even worse why can no one but that one character buy a lancer from the fabricator. The lancer and the characters are what made gears so iconic so whoevers stupid idea was to lock these crappy skills and guns to characters that u dont want to be was idiotic. Im no game developer but i can easily think of a lot better ideas and choices of customization then this junk. They should be ashamed to call themselves gears developers.

Unless your with a group of friends to swap weapons or have them buy the gun for you from the fabricator. And why bring the lancer gl into it if only jd can use it. Ive played horde easily over 20-30 times now not once had a full team stay past wave 10. At least 1 normally quits straight away cuz they can’t be the character they want.

This is not horde. Horde should be fun aswell as challenging but this feels like a chore and its no way near as enjoyable as what it used to be. Dont get me wrong i love the feel of the characters and how it plays they’ve smashed it there. But having to rely on other people to choose crap characters especially the engineer just so u can build or upgrade is stupid.


Killed my favorite mode with forced selection.
Plus, where’s private horde??
Coalition, Some of us like to go fast, and not necessarily together.


Love Gears 5 multiplayer so far.

However, the Horde…? It’s garbage.


You can still do private horde. Choose the “host game” option when you go into the horde menu :+1:


Ive played horde about 7 times so far each time i Reach wave 9 it always freezes no other wave does that its quite annoying


With the perk system what incentive is there to put money in the fabricator?


To help the engineer if you have one.


I think the scout effect is still going on the game I went into no one was picking up the power.


I was in a match and both of us was Kait

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