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Gears hates me and it’s super frustrating

(Fe4rDe4thAng3l) #1

Long time gears of war fan from the very beginning and I’ve never played a gears this frustrating. Inconsistent shots , the ranking system never really rewards you for winning 5 in a row but if u lose one be prepared for big drop in percentage, like the game doesn’t reward you for playing good, you just have to win. Which is nearly impossible when u get the 2 -14 random on the squad every game. Getting MVP in a match win or loss should be rewarded. I love the gears franchise so much but man it’s really started drive me crazy. Most of the time it just seems like bad luck that will never end. 90% of the games I’ve played in the past 2 weeks have been all irritating , win or loss because of how the game is so inconsistent. I hope Gears 5 lives up to the hype. I took a year away from gears and now I’m starting to regret even turning the game back on. Please fix my favorite game :roll_eyes:

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I’m glad you joined the forums.(1hour ago)

Now a pro tip: in order for us degens(community veterans) to read we require punctuation and paragraphs. Have a nice day rookie!

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As the self-designated forum grammar nazi, this post isn’t actually that bad. Granted it could use some paragraphs and the sentences are written in short-form, but overall it’s coherant and gets the message across although there’s room for improvement.


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yeah make it more spaced out but other than that 10000% support

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get on gears noob i need a good teammate

(UniversalTuning) #6

Gears 4 is a deeply flawed masterpiece.

Just accept that when playing this Gears you’ll likely run into a ton of inconsistency and you will have more fun. I stopped clipping and reviewing the times I think the game treated me unfairly ages ago it’s just Gears 4 being Gears 4 all you can do is cringe and move on to the next match

(RedDoog888) #7


I think there is a lot of frustration around this topic in general. I have felt your pain and vetted it here as well. There is a post explaining the ranking. Not sure it helps those of us that suffer the above.

You do have to wonder that if the impact is on losing and win is so unevenly weighted how the heck do the Onyx and Diamond stay that way?

To add to this here is another eye opener. If you found a good team and they are ranked higher than you and you started wining a lot. Do not expect a bump in ranking anytime soon. You have to out performed by round the people on your team and they others.

Point in case. Last night I played with my LATAM team. I split my time solo and on this team. They where 3- Onyx 3 players me at silver 2.yes i suck…and another random which was onyx 1 or 2. so the team we played was three onyx 2, 1 gold 3 and one diamond 1.

We where failing behind yes cause of me…We came back had my best game at this level ever at 35 kills 20 downs. Got serious complements from the team on my improvement. We won the match. My ranked did not even move a bit… mostly because the teammates where in the 50’s kills.

I have decided to play for the sake of playing and forgo worrying about rank. When is shift to solo my play is so much better that is why i take the hits on the team.

I have thought about finding a team at my level, but honestly not sure they be as cool or nice as my LATAM friends.

Good luck and please stay with gears.

RD888 out!

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Heyyyy!!! you took buster’s slogan!!!

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Where’s the option to sue on the basis of creative infringement

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haha right you should copyright infringe him too!!!

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Yeah. Just like the suing of TC I’m sure it’ll work really well!

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Gears may hate you, but at least God doesn’t hate you XD

Me on the other hand, God hates…