Gears has lost 90% of my friendslist

Played all night and less than half my shots register against certain players. Animations are sped up and people are teleporting… . Anyone with a ping 60 - 80 + takes extra shots and it feels as my ping which normally stays in the low 20s has a disadvantage in these lobbies… Social and private lobbies are the only 2 playable modes atm… Where is the official acknowledgment from TC and the false promise of a solution…


I agree 100 %. anyone with 60+ takes extra shot , and most players now are 60+ in my experience.
Players are fed up I think and just left this game and playing something else now


I left for a while because of that. Been back for 3 days and the first 2 were great. Tonight was abysmal. We only lost 1 match in 3 hours of play but it was still an unpleasant experience because of all the sponging. I’d rather go 50/50 and feel like game played good than win all my matches and have my nerves on end because nothing makes sense and the screen starts stuttering like it’s running at 15fps.

Despite doing well, my friends finally had enough lag and went back to Fortnite (which is saying something because that’s a lag fest itself).

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I don’t think it’s fair to say 60ms is a bad ping. I’ve been 60 plenty of times and I have top tier internet. It’s just I’m from Illinois and sometimes it throws me on a server further away. The real key to a 60ms ping being okay or not is if it’s a stable ping. If there’s high fluctuation there will be an issue. But I do agree high pings are an issue and I can be as low as 8ms if I’m on my closest server. For me, the lag begins the moment someone enters 80ms or above which is where they need to limit players from joining matches. Even that’s not that high for other games but it breaks Gears 4 so something needs to be done. Don’t even get me started on 100ms and above players though. They’re basically cheating by way of high ping and it’s ridiculous.

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To relax the atmosphere and I feel when I play with my connection on this game, it seems that my bandwidth is not connected to my modem but microwave.

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Interestingly, it was said in the dev stream yesterday that player numbers have picked up recently.

Could just be the “COD has been out for over a month and now everyone is back on their old games” but I have been surprised at how quickly I get lobbies lately. 2 months ago we couldn’t play Guardian after 11pm. Now, we get quick matches until about 1am. They’re 75% unbalanced against us, but not as bad as this summer was.

In this stream of players that seems to have increased, does this calculation take into account players with secondary accounts or just new players?

the “guardian” mode is perhaps a little more crowded than usual compared to the others. I miss not know how many players play like and what we could see on “Gears 3”

Agreed, ridiculous how TC insists on keeping everything hidden behind a wall like they are the great Oz. Would make it so much easier to get matches if you could see how many people are queing for that mode.

As far as numbers go, I’m petty sure they’re counting the number active online at any given time. In sure they don’t pay as much attention to the number of individual accounts as that metric is less relevant.

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I literally only have three friends out 108 how play gears 4 now andthey only playit when I’m in the mood to play it.