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Gears Gore downgraded


Just watched it and the actual executions look dope

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The way I see it. Gears was ment to be the mortal kombat of shooting games. MK stepped up the things that made it stand out while gears is trying to compete with modern shooters. Gears Is a hi speed extremely graphic and gore filled shooter yet every game since 2-3 It’s progressive getting worse at it. The sounds are more satisfying than the gore now.

In gears 4 they remove from gore

Low heath blood on walls
Semi permanent blood and floors walls
Gears 3 bullet hole sprites on characters.

But what they added was

Better blood in general
Better execution floor blood and unique patterns exclusive to that execution
Blood splays\splatters on your character close range gore chunk kills

What was tweeked poorly

Blood sucking way into the floor seconds after it appears
The insides of enemies looking like Jam

As for gears 5 they took away even more…

Blood no longer do we have dynamic blood during a execution.(for example the snub beat down. Every time you punch blood no longer effects or lands on the environment, the blood just splashes off your fist onto nothingness,) the blood spray system also robs us of the gears 4 unique floor blood textures on executions. Only time you see blood on objects now is shooting enemy bodys of kicking gore chunks around the floor

Blood being removed faster off your character after close range chunk kills.

What improved in gears 5 is.

More blood on characters for close range gore chunk kills.
Darker blood and the return of skull chunks after a head pop kill in any way that was removed from gears 4
And i think i saw a slight return of the bullet hit spites from gears 3 although no where near as long.
Better blood on dead chunked up enemy bodies

Over all gears 5 gore wise is a big step back because the blood Spay customizer.
The blood puddles makes No sense on half the executions (especiallythe drop shot execution) and as a result every execution blood puddle is the same and we lose dynamic blood splatters for executions and the unique looking gears 4 splats

In my opinion It’s the most tame gore has ever been as a result in the series so far all because of “blood Spays”

The cons just over shadow the pros

GG indeed

(also where the hell Is the series defining curb stop?)

Still hype for more gears either way. All this just bugs me

[Rank 23 Gears 5 Tech test]


GoW1 was a gritty dark shooter, now its more fortnite then horror.


Fortnite? Cmon man that’s not even close :rofl:

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MP anyway :sweat_smile:

Still better than Gears UE/4/5, which look like jello compared to 1/2/3/J. Funnily enough that aerosol blood from the Gears 1 chainsaw execution you keep slamming is one of the reasons it’s the best chainsaw execution in the series. It’s exaggerated yet satisfying. TC took more away from the Gears gore formula than they added if I’m being honest… blood is brighter, smaller blood trails, no blood dripping down cover when wounded, and they replaced the detailed gore in which you used to be able to see individual organs and bones with ■■■■■■■ JPEG images of jello. It looks really bad. Needless to mention the hideous bloodsprays in MP.

I lost it at the muscle and bone showing ,brains everywhere ,the eyeball dangling ,the broken teeth and tendons showing. Lmao

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I can always give TC some points if they need it.

Characters holding their guts for a execution where you slice open their mid-section!

So many games have toned down for the kiddies and their parents but mature games are for mature ppl not kids. I want gore the gore that use to make a person physically ill.

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I was disappointed in the Gore for 5.

Just felt … off.


You mean like this?

Bit different but essentially I wanna see guys, kidney and live fallin out with a huge pool of blood.

I think a good execution would be the heart rip.

Breaking the rips,

Pulling them apart and grabbing the heart before pulling it out and holding it up and then casually tossing it aside.

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Ironically it used to be the mature games that seemed the coolest to you as a kid.

The entire game is trash worst Gears game ever.So glad i didn’t buy this crap at retail and got it through Xbox game pass.No wonder this game wasn’t even in the top 10 of pre orders it is horrible.The multiplayer is the worst i have ever seen it’s a glitchfest already.Then on top of that the controls are trash.How do you mess up Gears of War controls?Leave it to the Coalition to do so.After 17 years with Xbox the Coalition is pushing me away from Xbox and over to the PS4 going to pick up the Pro later today .Xbox is dead

Am I the only person who finds it weird that the gnasher execution cuts off your head but the retro lancer that has a fixed knife and slices at your neck makes your head explode ? Shouldn’t these 2 things not be the otherway around ? I feel like thats a oversight/bug

I mean in every other game the gnasher made your head explode but gears 5 it cuts it off. I feel like they have the death models backwards. This is the only execution that makes your head fall off so i think its a bug

Off topic, Gears 5 apparently lied about having the option to play Escape offline :frowning:

Yeah… 1st thing i checked… Annoyed me. And i keep getting disconnected from escape and ppl getting kicked. Even i got kicked from my own game. Just wanna play split screen its stupid

I would recommend skipping this game honestly unless you got it on game pass for cheap but don’t pay full price for it.

I got game pass ultimate for 3 months

Im hoping the fix some of the issue eventually.

Am i dumb or is there no way to scrap things ?

Playing for drops to get 2k scrapwill take 4 ever if u cant scrap. Idk if im missing the prompt or not