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Gears Gore downgraded

Gears 4 still has pretty extreme gore. I agree that it’s not as detailed as the original trilogy but it’s not that big of a deal to me. In Gears 1-3 I never really stopped during gameplay to appreciate the organs and bones showing lol.

It’s probably due to Phil Spencer. Phil does not like swearing, or too much violence.

Remember Halo 5 Guardians was rated T for Teen.

Gears of War 5 (i refuse to call it Gears 5) is already being hidden from our eyes for some strange reason. But it better be gory

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Gears 5 is being broken down and “hidden” the way it is to fully inform the fans of the different aspects of the game.

There’s obviously a lot to each mode and TC want to highlight this.

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That’s certainly possible. I can’t wait for it. But I believe that Gears of War has been toned down.

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I’ve never had a gladiator vibe from Gears, I’ve had like a RTS/3rd person almost like playing chess vibe but gladiators… Never for me.

I cannot believe what they have done with Gears of War in Gears 5🤦‍♂️
It looks like Fortnite.

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Why dont the game just come with gore off then the people who want gore have gore like gears 1?? Simple fix.

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The game is rated M,so why even bother with the option to turn off gore!

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Meanwhile Resident Evil 2 Remake, Mortal Kombat 11 and Doom Eternal doesn’t care what soccer moms think lol :laughing:


I know what you mean. I don’t want to say that the art style has completely changed because I don’t think it has besides it being a lot more colourful than it used to be (Not my favourite change in the franchise if I’m honest) but I wont lie I miss the dark gritty side of it all and as they called it the “Destroyed Beauty” Buildings and landscapes. The blood and gore does just come out as cartooish in comparison to the older games and I’m not sure why. I remember in Gears 2 in photo mode flying around and you could see the detail they put into the characters that were dead or chopped up was insane. These days you don’t see that and I have been wondering what happened to all of the gore in this series. Don’t know but I just feel Gears has taken a far departure from the tone it used to give off and I’m kinda saddened by that fact but also have to accept that they probably want to move past that and tell different stories in a different perspective.

Possibly they downgraded because of time Reason focusing on more important stuff

It’s not downgraded in the slightest. The mass opinion here is quite biased.

And the thing about blood streaking on cover when you’re hurt… Not all of us like that. It’s aggravating for me, trying to stay immersed in Campaign, to get shot one time in the armor and suddenly I’m bleeding a fatal amount onto a surface that’s not even in contact with my armor.

It seems like you’re issue with it is that it needed tweaking to make it work more accurately, not that it’s there. I’d like more stuff like the streaking and blood stains and splatter that lasts for a bit on surfaces. Maybe you have to be damaged enough and in certain body parts for it to cause some of it, and it should just be improved in general.

The very graphic gore was always a big part of Gears, so it should always be there at a high level imo. Headshot gibs could leave skull and brain fragments scattered for a while. Arms and torsos that are blasted off could have more dangling pieces of flesh and bone, rather than being such clean cuts. Dead bodies, blood and bits could also stay a bit longer before disappearing, even if just a few seconds more.

The thing is, Gears 5 has more realism in spades. When you or an enemy gets shot, you see the bullet holes burn into them. You can see where someone’s been shot in the multiplayer footage because blood spreads downward from their wounds.

Bodies burst apart in better ways. And just like Gears 4, rifles can actually dismember downed opponents on occasion.

But man, I don’t want to see perfect realism. After what’s happened in my life, and what my little brother did to end his life, I have way more respect for Epic Game’s decision to tone back the realism. The Coalition is upholding that decision to make things look right, without going all the way and showing every torn ligament. After all, a realistic chainsaw would clog and stop halfway through a human, much less a grub.

If I wanted to see perfectly realistic gore, I’d go to Africa and join the park rangers.

Gore has always been apart of Gears I just want what’s supposed to be in the game because it is only a game afterall not real whatsoever…

Gears 1 started the blood and bones, organs, intestines, etc in its gore physics I would expect the 5th sequel to have that or better. Since it does not thats considered a downgrade to me.

Hopefully the campaign is as good as Gears 2 at least

Then help me understand what you want out of the gore.

Here’s an objective review. All of this man’s criticisms can be applied directly to Gears 1 and 2, since UE replicated exactly the same gore models. However, UE fixed several of 1 and 2’s issues (such as Gears 1’s glitchy blood pools, which wouldn’t overlap properly).

Gears 1 and 2 had spaghetti intestines that jiggled a bit, but they never left the body. The intestines showed barely any blood on them. The original games also had low-res bones that weren’t anatomically correct, and they were always miscolored, but rarely bloodstained. The artists clearly studied real trauma victims and butchered animals, but they toned it waaaaaaay back to the point that it was sanitized.

That’s right. Sanitized. That was the Gears 1-2 art style for gore.

My screenshots earlier in the thread prove this with side-by-side comparisons.

Gears 2 had an edge over UE, since it sometimes showed bullet holes in characters. But Gears 2 just had black spots for “bullet wounds,” which failed to overlay over certain parts of characters. Gears 3 had exactly the same issues, but at least Gears 3 had blood that was blood-colored.

Gears 4’s gore was easily far more dynamic, and better animated than in the original trilogy. Even the rifles could dismember enemies. They removed the dumb streaks of blood that players left on cover, and (along with UE) they added gore splatter on living characters. Remember when we all asked for that on the old forums, years ago? They also kept blood covering the insides of gibbed characters, as should be expected from gunshot/chainsaw victims.

Gears 5 has objectively better gore, with:

  • impact bullet holes in characters
  • visible blood leaking from player wounds
  • bloodied enemies at low health
  • better hit reactions than the original trilogy
  • better fragmenting of all the pieces
  • better blood, which is highly exaggerated but looks real enough
  • visible muscles/guts/bones that are just covered in blood.

Whether you like it or not is subjective. You can hate it if you want. But if you do hate it, despite all the extra work that’s gone into making it, then what do you want? More cartoony? Retrograded physics? Less blood? Because that’s what the original trilogy has when compared to Gears 4-5.

Fact is, the gorier the games get, and the less sanitized it becomes, the more people complain that it’s “downgraded.” That’s why I’m calling all of you out.

You have to take off the rose-tinted glasses, and try to appreciate the artists working hard to please you.

So I just watched the new “arcade” trailer, I witnessed a grenade launcher get shoved up someones butt, and shot. Resulting in the playing convulsing for a second or two before exploding to bits.

I think it’s safe to say the gore isnt going anywhere.


Gears 2 had the best gore in the franchise and Gears 1 has the best gib animation which is why UE still looked great without the extra details in the gore.

Gears 4 is not bad but it could’ve been better with the details added. So what if every organ is not perfectly structured in each characters body…its not real, its a video game. With Gears 1 I just enjoy the fact that some detail was added for realism and for the game itself it was mind blowing in its prime.

Im still going to play Gears of war 5 so thats why I made this post, this is what I want to see put back into Gears if I’m paying for it, if you agree coo,if not coo.

The gore has been downgraded…

Hey, we may never agree on this. Subjectively, everyone can prefer whatever looks better to them. But at the end of the day, we both love this franchise. And we both love the older games.

I hope we get our money’s worth, Game Kang.