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Gears Gore downgraded

That’s exactly the point , Sir :+1:

Gears POP Anyone? Lol

I guess that’s exactly what I just mentioned. ■■■■ you! LOL
I meant like a third person shooter still though.

Don’t get me wrong , I’m not even playing POP.
But couldn’t you just turn the gore filter on if you don’t want splatter?
I mean , Gore is crucial in the Gears ‘fun sphere’.
I loved Gears 2 so much exactly for this.
The gore was pretty damn fine. And the FEEL It gives…
Choppin grubs in half … Mmmhh…
Mmmhh… Bacon…

That’s what I do for MP, only because the gore is a distraction to me. I love the gore, I just like being able to see my target better. So, no for me. Either you go gore or you don’t so everybody’s on the same page.

Rod said in an interview about this subject: We want it to be be fun, and we want it to feel like a game, we dont want it to be offputting.

A filter can easily appease everyone.

Off, Standard, Extreme.

Have Standard as default.

So, if you want more you turn it on and if you don’t want any, as usual, Off.

I’m sure a lot of people would go for the Extreme version - just because it makes more sense as it adds to realism.


… I guess, such a disappointing comment though. It’s like how MK thought they took things too far… Like with music, I want to listen to Drake. I don’t want to listen to Drake trying to sound like Wu-Tang Clan. There’s a perfectly good group called the Wu-Tang Clan, if I ever feel like listening to something that sounds like Wu-Tang Clan.

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It’s still console, it’s efficient, easy, fast, etc. We pay for the simple life. There’s always PC if you feel like tweaking around. I hope MS is not aiming for that.

Considering it’s already in the game, it’s not exactly a complicated concept.

Ikr, I turn it off myself. What’s not complicated is making people ■■■■ around with settings instead of making a decision.

I prefer choice than no choice and it was only an option for those that can’t handle the gore for whatever reason.

If you want to be on the extreme left of democracy go ahead. Liberals love to do whatever they desire.

What on earth does politics have to do with wanting more choice in games?


It’s not a fetish. We just wanna see the gore we saw in the old games. It made Gears brutal.


This. It’s a literal downgrade from the franchise and people are just okay with that. It doesn’t need to be eyeballs flying and throw up or some other stuff that was suggested before but damn do I miss the veins, skulls and ribcages from the old games. At least give us options here. Like someone else proposed. No gore/default gore/more gore. That would be ideal.

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This pic is from IGN article about Escape map builder. They’ve shown a piece of a gameplay where I could see blood stains on the walls. here is the article itself, check out the attached video .
I don’t remember if there were any blood stains on the walls in gears 4


Speaking of blood on the walls, I loved how in Gears 2 if you got hurt enough, got into cover and walked along the wall, your blood would smear & then trickle down. One of my favorite “small details” from that game.

Case in point - 7:48 into this video shows it.

Details that I like.

It was disappointing that this didn’t make it to Gears 4. I haven’t seen a clip of Escape where character’s blood trickled down a wall. I don’t think it’s in after all…

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Everything, is it fair to say that TC would know how to make a Gears game more than you and me?