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Gears Gore downgraded

The only decent blood gore I’ve seen were when getting damaged in Gears 3 (not sure about previous Gears). If you took cover against wall or waist cover and slid along them, blood would drip down the walls.

And in Gears 4 when they introduced making your whole character model, bloodied from chainsaw or Gnasher gibs. That looked kinda satisfying.

Or sometimes when playing King of the Gnasher and a lot people gib each other in one space… like a ring. Then when you look at the floor, there either gonna be bloody mess or they would have disappeared already. Lack of blood pool.

Otherwise, the blood has been underwhelming across all Gears game. It would have been better if they splattered on the walls or floor. Or that might be over the top.

Killing Floor has an excellent example of how to do blood physics. They just lie around after killing horde of enemies. But in Gears, they disappear after short while.


Blood splatters on the walls and ceiling in Gears. It has since Gears 2. There’s a lot of blood in the Gears 5 gameplay footage on Youtube, too.

When I read this I automatically though of Killing floor 2…that’s a game of nothing but a bloodbath and I love it. That’s a perfect example that they could’ve ran with after G2 honestly.

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Look , it’s not like we have a fetish in gore or something , I myself hate seeing my CoG buddies being gib.
It’s WAR.
War is supposed to look like that -and way worse.

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To me, adds a level of “realism” and just fits the part of blowing off chunks and ripping people in half.


I like to pretend that they are people that I hate…
Guess that’s not too healthy…


Hell , I DO hate them , I don’t need to pretend! Lol



I’d like gore like from gears 1 but it’s not the be all and end all if its not.

Not sure about the age in the U s of a or the rest of Europe but I’m sure gears is 18 age rated in the uk. So if kids play it and get scared that’s down to the parents in my opinion.


18 in the UK.

It’s why sometimes films suck when they have to be 12A.

I say everyone ahould " swarm" the forums about this issue ive written hundreds of times about this before… keep flooding the forums with this and hopefuly they will listen… this can easily be implemented in the game.

More gore guys cmon we can force them to fix this issue if we all continue to push for more gore.


You mean flood twitter.

TC don’t care much for the forums.


I dont really use twitter but be my guest idk we gotta do something cuz im not liking what im seeing of gears 5 gore so far

I was expecting an upgrade to gore at E3. Gears 5 gore looked and felt exactly like 4’s gore. that’s ridiculous.

Something in Gears 4 that had such an impact on me were the Gib-shot Sound Effects. When you Body someone with Gnasher, it just sounded GROUSOME compared to UE! I loved the audio feedback of a good shot…

That same impact can come in the form of upgraded Visual feedback coming from the well placed shots. Gore needs to be upgraded in this game because its Gears 5. Its not Gears 4 and ultimately it will impact the experience…


I’ve noticed this too! I only noticed this in Gears 4 though, never knew it was in Ultimate Edition. I do agree with Kazuya! I don’t think they will ever touch on how gory Gears of War was. While we all want to be the same it probably won’t happen.

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Your also looming at twchnology limitations… we shall see once the beta comes out

How did I not see this…YES thats what gears 5 needs


But there’s no point in wanting change, when you have colourful characters running about and colourful skins on weapons. That totally defeats the point of having anything more gory, dark etc

Age rating also doesn’t mean a thing, most of the people who play GTA are kids. So there’s no excuse on that side of things.


better to do that in game then go out and harm someone for real

gears probably prevents more murder then people think same as other violent games


EPIC went on to create Fortnite. The times they are a changin’ sir. MK has Injustice for the ■■■■■■■ joke lol.
Maybe Gears needs a gore less spinoff.