Gears Gore downgraded

I agree more gore would be excellent but at the same time I wouldn’t want the extra textures from the gore causing lag in multiplayer

Lets start a petition they aren’t finished with the game yet so they could definitely change the gore if they wanted! There’s no excuse for it mordhau has gore that’s amazing and its also running on the unreal 4 engine


Okay i’m with you in this one i’m not sure about GOW:UE options because i haven’t check but from what i see Gears 4 does have the option to to turn GORE:OFF or ON and same with the MATURE content and profanity filter. Now i don’t know why they wouldn’t add more details but i don’t think it’s that much of a problem for them.

However i’m pretty sure they are done the game and with lots of new executions coming we may actually see alot of graphic gore again but who knows.

Btw here is a pic i found image

There is Mature content but idk just how much gore details we will see.

Because its the e3 build “version” that they show.

Id say cosmetic stuff like this is a distant concern to the more important parts like gameplay and story.

Lmao your damn right!! but it was already a part of the game so why take out like wth

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For those who liked to be disturbed by gore…


The blood and gore of the games are a staple of the series. Gears was introduced as a bloody, violent game from the beginning and it’s apart of the identity of Gears. Seeing it downgraded is seeing a part of what made Gears ‘Gears’ being reduced.

That being said, it’s also just more satisfying both gameplay wise and visually to have the impact of your kills highlighted in such a way.

Same reason the people pick and choose characters in MP (even though gameplay wise they don’t really change the nature of the game ), the visual feedback is great!


For me, constant gore (or constant anything) makes it meaningless as it dulls the impact. Maybe I get bored more quickly than most. One of the most fun visual treats I had in Gears 4 was turning gore off for a while, and then switching it back on. Then it’s like, “Wow”.
Otherwise, seeing an enemy blown into pieces every 15 seconds in VS loses any excitement for me after a couple days.


I watch videos on bestgore all the time but this game has always been that one game where you blow someone the **** up and you would think to yourself wow that was brutal and messy now all i can think with gears 4 and 5 is wow thats a nice clean cut of beef


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Gears 5 looks plenty gory. Head pops are glorious and knife attacks sling blood around. The shotgun and executions are still splatterfests. And the “all-important” gnasher gibs areas where the pellets hit (or close enough).

Yea you might need to take a look at this

Here you go


The original chainsaw was beautiful.


I think they toned it down for E3’s build they brought with them, until the final product is out I reserve judging the gore content.

Fair enough.

Too much to where it comes across as a gimmick is understandable, but I think if it creates more impact for the frags, its good. Which is why robots are so damn boring to fight in most games. No impact, no real indication of your shots having done something to the target etc.


I’m always down to look at past Gears games.

Exhibit A

It’s not even a fair comparison. There were people dissatisfied with the gore in Gears 1 (“it’s too dark I can’t see it” , “lol grape juice”) and Gears 2 (“what is this Kool-Aid” , “bro there’s jelly on the ceiling”) and Gears 3 (“lol cartoon juice” , “it’s too red”).

So yeah, I think Gears 5 has good gore. Judging from compressed Youtube video comparisons, anyway.

What we’re comparing here is a bunch of blurry, outdated graphics, to a new game on a new engine. But we’re doing it through Youtube. And here’s the clincher:

Gears 5 is still in development. It’s still being polished.

Exhibit B

See if you can spot the Gears 5 screenshots.

It was beautiful in its artful simplicity. Epic had to dial waaay back from what they originally wanted.


I thought I was the only one that noticed this over the years. It’s not like they don’t have the power/resources to keep the detailed gore. I am not sure why they strayed away from that change from G2 to G3. I would hope we get enough eyes on the matter to put a dent into getting back to that design. It might already be too deep into the sauce to have TC analyze and attempt to change it I’m afraid.


Its not just the gore/violence that has been downgraded over the years, but the palette has gone rainbow and sunshiny. When you see a gold or rainbow character running about, it just looks ridiculous. When a game starts going that way, you know its just downhill from there.


I get it bruh, but thats not whats its about, its just about being realistic. id choose gore with organs and bones than just blood and chopped meat. Gears 1 is just more realistic in terms of gore vs gears 4 and 5. I personally dont look at the detail of blood,

Its just there

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A.setting to turn on/off Gore,could help,I’ve read and watched videos,countless good things in gears 5,but taking out the only thing we have left is blood and guts.A big hell No

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The only decent blood gore I’ve seen were when getting damaged in Gears 3 (not sure about previous Gears). If you took cover against wall or waist cover and slid along them, blood would drip down the walls.

And in Gears 4 when they introduced making your whole character model, bloodied from chainsaw or Gnasher gibs. That looked kinda satisfying.

Or sometimes when playing King of the Gnasher and a lot people gib each other in one space… like a ring. Then when you look at the floor, there either gonna be bloody mess or they would have disappeared already. Lack of blood pool.

Otherwise, the blood has been underwhelming across all Gears game. It would have been better if they splattered on the walls or floor. Or that might be over the top.

Killing Floor has an excellent example of how to do blood physics. They just lie around after killing horde of enemies. But in Gears, they disappear after short while.