Gears Gore downgraded

I want to know why the gore physics in Gears UE, 4 and 5 have been downgraded. I just noticed that the original gears 1 actually had organs, bones, and rib cages in the gore system yet UE does not. Somebody explain that to me…is it censorship for kids? Because im pretty sure the game is supposed to be for mature audiences. And tbh that was the piece of the puzzle that Gears 4 was missing.

For me, Gears of War without extreme gore is more like processed food. The game is just not worth playing anymore, and its a lot less satisfying and entertaining than it was back in 2006.

Not saying Gears 4 or 5 is bad, but if I remember correctly we were told that Gears was supposed to be going back to its “darker roots”…I guess less means more…kids lol

I honestly had high hopes


I’m fine with that. IDK why people have a fetish for cartoon gore but if you like it, fair enough. Maybe TC thinks it looks better or more tasteful not to have the juicy bits.


It’s sad to say, but Gears will never recapture the brutality and darkness of the original. Never.


They are moving into a new direction, a new generation, more and more younger kids are playing the game. Some soccer mom probably heard LP and his quotes and complained. Probably a group of soccer moms got together wrote TC a letter threatening them.


Probably, but then again LP is offensive to my ears purely because of how cringeworthy and pathetic he is.


My buddy loves playing as him so I made a joke one day after seeing LP’s face with his mouth slightly open, he looks like ■■■■ Clark post stroke


I don’t think it’s an excuse, I grew up with Gears of War 1 (back then I was 10 yrs old.)
I mean yeah they are moving in a new direction for sure but I don’t think it’s kid related


Perhaps, but look at sports. You go to the arenas now and they want it to be kid friendly because they want kids to like the sport and that certain team. I mean I get that but this is a new generation of gamers don’t forget. Kids today ould not last a minute in Lobbies back then from GOW 1-2 and COD. They would go cry to mommy instantly.


I agree.

I want to see more blood and gore.

Hearts being ripped out.

Shot to lungs causing a puncture and the character trying to breathe harshly for a second or two to show this.

Limbs falling off with muscle and bone showing.

Just, a lot more realistic and “gore” like.

Brains everywhere.

An eyeball dangling from the face.

Broken teeth after a beat down.

Tendons showing.


Would be great but it won’t happen. Not in Gears anyway.


Yeah, I mean they have the graphics to do it, why bother!?
Look at the new Doom, it’s gruesome.
They could upgrade the gore, I hope.


Sadly, this is true.

5 was a big chance to go back to more gore after people did ask for it.

Exactly :disappointed:


That’s so sad. Alexa play Despacito 2 (Censored Version).


I feel like they shouldn’t have to change something like that for the new generation just look at Mortal Kombat they stuck to the same formula and made the graphics and gore more detailed. I was doing fatalities to a kid the other day Lmfaooo. I was raised on hardcore violence and it never had an affect on me…,its just entertaining.


I also don´t get what happened to the gore.
Gears 2 had such detailed gore. You could see organs, rip-cages etc.
The same with Gears 3, although it was already a little bit toned down from Gears 2.
Just very strange.


would love that!!!

Torque Bow shot to the leg and instead of blowing up entirely have your leg blown off and have to crawl till you die!!


I remember “mothers” and variations thereof getting mentioned an awful lot in the Gears 1 lobbies too! :wink:


hahaha but it did have an affect on you. You want more right? lol

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Doom eternal looks great !


Gears 5 looks plenty gory. Head pops are glorious and knife attacks sling blood around. The shotgun and executions are still splatterfests. And the “all-important” gnasher gibs areas where the pellets hit (or close enough).

The tech and lighting is all there. Wait until you play it for yourself.