Gears Glitches, Servers Suck

You know what I love…I love playing a game of daily horde on advanced with 2 people and getting to wave 49 and it kicking me and the other player out so we wasted our time on not receiving the perks of XP. I am so sick of the lag, the horrible servers and the rubber band glitches. I also long for the True Gears (1,2,3) and I hate the micro transactions and desperation for people to ’ pay to play’ and be OP without grinding. And now it’s like any other game, not pure gears, There’s Terminator, Halo and wrestlers (wtf)… And although I’m a Halo fan and Terminator, it’s not Gears. There is only one Marcus btw.and again as much as I like Bautista as Drak, c’mon. There’s almost nothing to look forward to really. I keep trying to find pros instead of cons, but the cons are outweighing any pros. I play with friends and that basically keeps me playing but The Coalition needs to get their crap together. At least a smooth game and don’t release anything until it’s completed.


Yeah I’ve continually had server disconnection issues to the point where I just dont play 1-50 horde knowing I’ll be booted at some point between wave 35-50. It’s a real bummer and even when you do complete it if you are as high as a reup as me it literally does nothing at this point. Friends are the best thing to have in this game right now because I truly isnt too enjoyable dealing with these constant issues on yout own. Anyways hope you receive minimum disconnection issues going forward!

Happy hunting!